Funny Army Commercial

Unless you are one of those people that just don't watch TV you have probably seen the Army commercial where they show you just how much life experience you get from joining the Army... Well here is the latest commercial...

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How Did They Make Google Street View Anyways?

Just imagine what it would be like driving around in the Google car, street after street! Here is a clip from the upcoming documentary about Google Street View...

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Dave Chappelle Kid's Shows

In this next video from the World's Funniest Dave Chappelle talks about the old school TV shows that we used to watch growing up... He makes some pretty good points, but watch out this one is NSFW!

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Japanese Sniper Prank

We don't call it The World's Funniest Videos for nothing! Here is one that comes to us all the way from Japan, the land of the mean prank... They are lucky this guy wasn't packing heat, there could have been a real shootout!

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Google Wave Pulp Fiction Style (NSFW)

Well in case you have been living under a rock on the Internet these days, you have probably heard of Google Wave... Now is your chance to see it in action, watch out though this video is not for virgin ears!

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Funny Talking Animals

Who knew the BBC had a sense of humor? Which one do you think is the funniest animal? I like the bird myself...

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Fat Girl Falls Off Bike

I wish I could watch this on repeat over and over again... Even though it is on like ever Youtube montage, it's still damn funny!

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T-Pain Obama Style!

Somehow I had never even heard of T-Pain... Is that wrong? I gotta say though this I-Phone App does put a little more life into the whole health care debate...

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Funniest Video 2009 Votes Are In!

Voting for 3rd quarters funniest video in the world was a bit closer than usual. In first place was Greatest Freak Out capturing 32% of the vote. In a close 2nd place was Sexy Funny Commercials with 25% of the vote. 3rd place went the The Funniest DUI Stop Ever with 15% of the vote. 4th place was Oprah Goes Crazy with 8% and The Flame War close behind with 7%. In 6th place was Mow The Lawn with 6% and finally in last place Colonel With Mel Gibson. Apparently you people don't appreciate a good KFC parody : )

As you might already know the top 4 videos go on to the final round and we will introduce three new videos that have a chance at becoming The World's Funniest Video 2009. The New Nominees are Having A Baby?, Fake Lottery Ticket and Protect Insurance Companies!

Big Mouth Bass Gone Crazy!

Somebody has a little too much time on their hands... I gotta admit though, I wish my Big Mouth Bass did this though too!

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This Week In Unnecessary Censorship

Jimmy Kimmel's show is alright sometimes, but this is by far the best part : ) Unnecessary censorship is always good for a laugh...

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