Bruce Willis Is Between Two Ferns With Zach Galifianakis

In this latest installment of Between Two Ferns, Zach interviews the mega superstar Bruce Willis... Who knew there was so much pain behind those eyes...

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Fabio The Imaginary Friend With John Daly

Boy I kinda wish Fabio was my imaginary friend... Looks like we would have a blast...

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Twilight With Cheeseburgers

Yet another Twilight parody... I am sorry, but it just doesn't get old making fun of these movies : )

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The Sexy Conan O'Brien!

Finally I have a reason to watch TBS!!! Mr. Conan O'brien is back... and sexier then ever apparently...

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Paranormal Activity 2 Trailer (honest version)

Personally I thought that Paranormal Activity was a pretty good movie... but apparently the folks at Funny Or Die thought a bit different about the idea of a sequel...

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