World's Funniest Breathalyzer

Since this is the World's Funniest Videos we though it was about time to take another trip across the pond this to to Croacia at least that's what I think based on the language... This cop really got a kick out of this poor old drunk!

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Jim Carrey Is The Environment Guy

This classic funny video comes to us from the 90s television show In Living Color. Who knew Jim Carrey cared so very much about the environment?

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Rock Paper Scissors

This is a classic Bud Light commercial from the Super Bowl a couple years back. Low Five!!!

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White People Problems

This one is fresh off the plate from I mean everybody knows it is tough to be white these days... Especially with the first black president being elected... What is the world coming to when the man best qualified for the job gets it? : ) Enjoy White People Problems...

<a href="">White People Problems</a>

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Chad Vader

Another viral video classic from Youtube with over 8 million views! If you ever wondered what happen to Darth Vader after the Star Wars series he actually took up a job at the local grocery store... "The circle is complete!"

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Amish Gone Wild

For some reason I get the feeling that not too many Amish people come to The World's Funniest Videos, but none the less this next video is dedicated to all those that do. Enjoy Amish Gone Wild... Watch out this might be a little extreme for some of you : )

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Cat Tries To Attack Dog

This next video involves what appears to be a pit bull and a cat chasing each other Benny Hill style. The cat is lucky that the pit bull has a sense of humor! Any pet owner will get a kick out of this one...

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We Didn't Start The Flame War

All of you comment junkies on places like Digg can certainly appreciate this next funny video. Who did start the flame war anyways? Probably those guys over at College Humor, but please let us know who you think in the comments below the video...

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Epic Commercial

I don't want to ruin this next funny commercial for you so you are just gonna have to watch...

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The Twitter Police

All I can say is thank god these guys are on the job day in and day out. No one really cares what kind of chips you are eating!!! You are nothing but a stupid self centered son of a... well you get the picture...

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Easter Can Be Funny Too!

Let's just call this first video an Easter Bunny Smackdown!!!

Next up are some classic Easter home videos courtesy of the folks at America's Funniest Videos. Doesn't everybody love it when the Easter bunny falls? Happy Easter!!!

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Cereal Mascot Therapy

This next video comes to us from the folks at College Humor. If you ever wondered what would happen if you got all those cartoon cereal mascots in one room... well wonder no more! Watch out this video has a bit of profanity.

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Policemen Prank

Next up is another video that should have been included in The World's Funniest Videos a long time ago. Watch as these poor people get pranked by policeman... I mean what are you gonna do? Can't mess with the po pos...

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Seriously does anyone else notice that the people over at Fox News have just gone berzerk? We don't live in a tyranny... actually quite far from it... Listen to how John Stewart lays it out...

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Joe Rogan Makes Fun Of The Anti Pot Commercials

Seriously though I have seen that one where the dog talks to the girl... Give me a break! You have to be on some serious drugs before your dog starts talking to you... trust me...

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Mow The Lawn (A Girl's Gotta Trim The Hedges)

Leave it to the folks at Schick to come up with a commercial like this one. I guess a girl does have to mow the lawn to sell the house... Isn't that how the saying goes?

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Accidental Shooting Prank

Here is another classic from Just For Laughs, this time up they prey on some unsuspecting passer byers. Here all you have to do is fire this gun to start the race...

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Head In The Toliet Prank

Courtesy of Just For Laughs this next prank is a classic with over 4 million views on Youtube... How this one slipped through the cracks here at The World's Funniest Videos, we will never know...

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Clobert Rips Up Glenn Beck's 9-12 Project

Since I hate Glenn Beck with a passion I just could help but post this next video from Stephen Colbert. I think Mr. Glenn Beck needs some acting lessons... what do you think? Please note comedy central doesn't have their st*ff together so you might have to wait a second for the video to load up...

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