Laughing Cop

It is never good when a cop laughs at you, right in your face, what are you supposed to do? Find out by watching this funny Just For Laughs video...

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Laughter Chain

Starts out with a baby laughing and then goes from there. The 1 minute mark has some really funny laughter. Just try and watch this whole clip without laughing, I bet you can't...

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Sexy Photograph Prank

This little prank from Just For Laughs is just too funny! There you are walking down the street and a beautiful woman comes up to you asking for a simple photograph...

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Work In Progress Bloopers

I am really not sure what is going on with the music in this video, but it still has some very funny, sometimes painful bloopers. Have a look...

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Funny Twins Prank

These poor people are thoroughly confused after this little switcheroo. All they were trying to do is help and this is what they get...

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Home Alone Meets I Am Legend

Two movies from different times, join together to form the mega blockbuster! Get ready for Home A Legend...

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The Mascot Bloopers Of 2008

I really, really hate this song, but the bloopers make it all worth while. No one really understand the men behind the masks that are the sports mascots...

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Some Of The Best From Just For Laughs

First up is a the Live Cake prank from Just For Laughs...

Next up is the Marriage proposal... One of the happiest moments in this young man's life caught on tape!

And finally here is the Royal Boot... I can't even imagine what these poor people are thinking!

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Facebook In Real Life

I am sure by now most of you either have a Facebook account or have at least heard of it. If not you might as well skip to the next video, because you just won't get it... Here is Facebook In Real Life...

Here is another clip from the same show "The Wall" on the BBC. This clip shows you just how the Internet really works...

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The Upside Down Treadmill

I have to wonder if alcohol was involved in this stunt... if not these people have a serious problem. I would warn you not to try this at home... but after seeing this I doubt you will!

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David Blaine On The Loose

I am sure most of you by now have seen the amazing magic of David Blaine, but I bet most of you have never seen this footage. I knew he was good, but WOW!

Here is a bit more from the street magician parody of David Blaine...

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Stephen Colbert Nailed 'Em

This is from last nights show... These are troubling times we live in when Californians can freely smoke weed for medical purposes. What are the drug dealers... I mean drug companies going to do?

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Kids In The Hall Chocolate Bar

This is one of my favorite Kids In The Halls skits! You know they say that chocolate is addictive so you can imagine how hard it would be to try the No Chocolate Diet...

Here is another classic skit from The Kids In The Hall, this one is simply entitled Darn Near Puked...

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McCain Vs. Obama Girls

I am sure most of you have heard of Obama Girl by now, but how about McCain Girl? Tough to pick a favorite... Who would you vote for?

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It Isn't Just America That Has Funny Videos!

This video starts out with soccer/football bloopers and then just turns into some painfully funny clips! I can't believe they packed all that into 3 minutes! If anybody knows what language this is in please do tell...

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This Is Why You Shouldn't Ride A Motorcycle Inside

The super slow motion alone in this video makes this worth watching! I take it this guy hasn't spent too much time on a motorcycle...

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Man Bets At Casino With Weed

Serious you know you smoke way... WAY to much weed if try and pull something like this! I wonder how many brain cells this guy has left?

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