The Dynamic Duo Of Ben Stiller And Owen Wilson

Funny clip from Starsky And Hutch...

Conan O'Brien doing another classic interview with the Trumpster.

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Cheerleaders Gone Wild

A new meaning to "scoring" with a cheerleader..

Proof that cheerleading is a full contact sport...

You don't have to know too much about sports to be a cheerleader, but you should at least know which team to cheer for... I mean that is their "job" right?

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The Simpsons Go Crazy!

The Simpsons - War Of The Worlds

Homer's Road Rage In New York

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I Hope Your Marriage Doesn't Start Out Like This

Remember whatever you do, "Don't lock your knees!"

Here are a few more wedding disasters... just hilarious! I bet your wedding had a little better start than those clips.

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Who Knew Bowling Could Be So Painful?

I am not going to spoil it for you, just watch and enjoy...

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World's Funniest Pranks

Cruel, but still funny... leave it to the German's to come up with something like this.

This is a pretty hilarious prank that they pull on these poor people... I won't ruin it, your just going to have to watch.


The Walker Texas Ranger Lever Of Destiny

I can't help myself these clips are just hilarious... Conan O'Brien and his Walker Texas Ranger lever.

They finally meet... face to face and the battle begins!

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Chris Rock's View On The War On Terror

Watch out young ones, as with all Chris Rock stand-up this does contain a bit of profanity, so cover your ears...

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That's Gotta Hurt!

Some funny and amazing crashes in this video set to a rockin classic...

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Run For It!!!

I am surprised some of these people didn't have a heart attack...

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Dog Days Of Winter

Ok I have been neglecting all the dog fans out there so here are a couple videos designed just for you!

I appologize ahead of time for the music in this one : )

This Texan trained his dog amazingly well!

These talking dogs are just priceless, I wonder how long it took their owners to train them?

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Funny And Amazing Felines

Another video for all you cat lover's out there. It is amazing how many people seem to worship their cats! I guess you are either a dog person or a cat person, which one are you?

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Chevy Chase Vs. Richard Pryor

This is a funny old skit from SNL. I hope all of you people out there aren't to easily offended because this skit gets a little racial.

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Classic Late Night TV

Mel Blanc (voice Of Bugs Bunny) - For more of the funniest videos, click here

The voice of Bugs Bunny Mel Blanc on Johnny Carson. This guy is good!

Lolita The Parrot on Johnny Carson. This parrots laugh is just priceless...

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Tracy Morgan's Hilarious Performance

Tracy Morgan from SNL and the new show 30 rock appears on Conan O'Brien. He discusses growing up in the ghetto, his kids and crazy mike from the projects who broke up a fight while holding a baby. Note: I had to change the video, couldn't find that one anymore... sorry : )

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The Simpsons Meets The X-Files

Homer Simpson sees an alien and Molder and Sculy come to Springfield to investigate...

This is a short clip of Homer feeling the pain!

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Outrageous Game Show Moments

Maybe there is something to that whole "dumb blond" thing : )

Classic match game clip, gotta love the clothes in this one...

I hope there is a very large grand prize at the end of this show, otherwise I guess these guys are glutton for punishment!

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35 Hits In The Face In 32 Seconds

Yet another funny clip from AFV, this one shows a quick collection of hits to the face... gotta love it!

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Patton Oswalt On Conan O'Brien

Patton Oswalt is pretty funny, but the jokes about the 67 year old women were a little on the disgusting side... watch out.

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Best Clips On The Net All In One Post

These are some of the funniest clips out there, besides the family guy stuff...

Ah the lovely work week, you just can't beat it.

These guys are pretty amazing break dancers. I got to hand it to them, I could only do about half of those moves...

Still need more? How about Mr. Storman Norman/Farley or Triumph the comic insult dog smoking down!


The Sexy Dress Prank

Watch as this beautiful women tricks unsuspecting shoes shoppers... the one guys reaction is priceless as he looks both ways to see if anyone is watching. Hilarious!

For more check out this classic lemonade prank or this shocking video!

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Triumph The Comic Insult Dog Smokes Down

Triumph the comic insult dog makes fun of all the Bon Jovi fans outside of a New Jersey show. He later interviews the band and even the sound crew, then it's break out the bong!

Just in case you didn't think that the Christmas season was long enough... here is Triumph's tribute to Christmas!

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Conan O'Brien Discusses The Death Of Paris Hilton

Conan interviews the star Elisha Cuthbert from 24 and house of wax. They talk about tanning and Paris Hilton's death scene... sounds hot!

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The Craziest Explosions Caught On Camera

Very funny reactions from some of these poor saps...

The guy who thought up this one is just an idiot! Watch what happens this video is crazy...

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Arrested Development's Funny Bloopers

From the hilarious show Arrested Development season 3. Watch out virgin ears, there is a bit of profanity...

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Little Miss Sunshine On Conan O'Brien

Abigail Breslin discuss her life so far with Mr. Conan O'Brien. If you haven't seen the movie Little Miss Sunshine yet, I suggest checking it out it was actually very funny in a twisted kinda way.

Want more Conan? Check out this classic Conan clip or the Hunter S. Thompson interview!

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Ouchy Compilation

Cute kittens, kicks to the face, man eating ducks, and face plants, you know a typical AFV type clip.

Want more AFV check out this clip!

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Playground Bloopers

Could this be the World's Funniest Video? An instant AFV classic! Many of these clips look just painful...

You can see more AFV videos of not so super heros here and a few funny boating mishaps here.

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Jim Carrey And Will Ferrell Together At Last

Jacuzzi Lifeguard - Jim Carrey & Will Ferrell - kewego

James Carrey plays the lifeguard on duty... one of the best SNL skits! Poor Will Ferrell doesn't know what he's getting himself into!

More? James Carey as Fire Marshall Bill or What is Love?

More Willy! Or check out Will on Conan O'Brien

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Will Ferrell on Conan O'Brien

Will Ferrell as Robert Goulet, yeah I know who the hell is Robert Goulet? Still pretty funny video...

Next up is another Will Ferrell appearance on Conan o'brien, this one is the famous Birthday Leprechaun.... Not for virgin eyes!

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