How Will Ferrell Touched Me

Congratulations to Mr Will Ferrell on his latest Mark Twain award!!! This video pays homage to the legend that is Ferrell... Starring Larry David, Sarah Silverman, Amy Poehler, Zach Galifianakis, Eva Mendes, Christina Applegate, Maya Rudolph and Jon Heder!

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Kung Fu Fighting Funny Video

With 45 million views on Youtube you know it has to be good... Enjoy...

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Quest For The World's Funniest Video Continues!

The votes for the 3rd quarter 2011 World's Funniest Video are in!  Here are the results!  In 1st place capturing a massive 42% of the vote is The Seal Who Killed Bin Laden.  In 2nd with 20% is Twin Baby Boys Conversation.  3rd place went to I Am Harry Potter with 12%.  4th to Watermelon To The Face with 7%.  In 5th place was The Force capturing 6% of the votes cast.  6th went to Streaker Fail with 5%, 7th to Barrel Roll Dog with 3% and rounding out the bottom with Cuddle Club only managing 1% of the vote! 

The top 4 videos will go on to the next round and we have 4 new challengers for this last and finally round of The World's Funniest Video 2011.  These include G-Male, Water Jet Pack Fail, Kenny Power The CEO and How To Stop Cats!

Hank Williams Jr. Appologizes To Obama

Hank Williams Jr. recently got into hot water for comparing President Obama to Hilter. Here is his sincere apology for those nasty remarks...

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