Will Ferrell On CNBC Powerlunch

Normally CNBC is one of, if not the most boring stations out there, but on this day there must have been something in the air. Powerlunch was interrupted by none other than the hilarious Will Ferrell. CNBC will never be the same...

Will Ferrell and Sachon Cohen team up in this next clip from the 2007 MTV video awards. What you are about to see may not be suitable for children or for most sane people... Don't say you weren't warned...

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Conan O'Brien In Chicago

This clip is from the trip to Chicago... Conan gets a tour around the city from none other than the king of Chicago and a Conan favorite, Mr. T!

In this next one you have to get past the beginning nonsense but then Conan takes a trip to Lucasfilm to check out some Star Wars characters.

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Beer + Oprah!

I am not sure which country these commercials are from, but I gotta say they really do get that beer humor! Cheers!

Next up is Oprah's favorite things. That's right it is Oprah birthday and it is time to start giving away everything!

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Hilarious Home Videos

This first clip from AFV has a little bit of everything... singing dogs, crashing kids and fabulous dance moves. Thank god for the video camera... Enjoy!

I would say at about 1:10 into this video is my favorite part. So many to choose from though it is tough to pick a fav... BTW if today is your birthday you will really get a kick out of this one!

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How Chris Farley Picks Up Chicks

Tom Arnold and Chris Farley team up in this first video to give you all the tips you need to pick up chicks at the mall. Watch closely you may learn a thing or two!

This next one is another classic... This time it is from the skit "The Chris Farley Show". This time around Chris gets to interview the world famous Paul McCartney!

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Jeff Dunham The Ventriloquist

This first video is designed especially for all you rednecks... Meet the famous Bubba J and learn and thing or two about southern life!

Next up is a little more from the ventriloquist Jeff Dunham... This time he is featuring the cranky old man Walter... Enjoy!

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The Best Of Ms. Swan

First up is Ms. Swan on a plane... No not snakes on a plane, but if you are on this flight it might have been even worse!

In case you haven't seen her before she is featured the the TV show Madd TV! In this skit she drives this poor woman crazy at the movie theater...

Last up here is Ms. Swan getting interviewed by a policeman at the scene of a crime. As you can imagine things don't turn out so well!

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The New Nominees Are...

First up is a sure to be classic from just the other day... Conan O'Brien with a beard! Next up is The World's Funniest Kids, which is a simply hilarious collection of videos I am sure most of you will enjoy. Dave Chappelle thinks white people can dance is one of my favorites sure to get a good percentage of the vote... Have a look you won't be disappointed!

The next entry to become The World's Funniest Video is a collection of clips from In Living Color, some of you from my generation should remember this popular shot from the 90s. The final new entry is the best of Jay Leno!

Since it is a new year we will only be keeping two of the top entries from last year. Those are Kids In The Hall and Jim Carey As Rocky! With The Landlord Pearl taking top spot last year, it will be interesting to see which one comes out on top this year!

Cast your vote today!

Outrageous TV Moments

I guess when you are recording everything live you run across some bloopers like these... The first one has to be my favorite!

This next clip is pretty hilarious as well... The poor producers...

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Conan O'Brien With A Beard!

That right folks, in case you missed in the writer's have been on strike now for quite some time. Conan went back on the air just yesterday and I would say he did a pretty good job even without the writers. He is one of the few shows that can survive just because of the host...

Of course Conan wasn't the only one... He is the beginning of the David Letterman program... Does he look like Santa or is it just me?

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Start Out The New Year Right!

That right how about a little pain to start off the new year? These old school AFV clips are just classics...

Perhaps you are starting off this new year with a new bundle of joy... If so this is the clip for you!

Or maybe you are like me... A real nature lover... well then you will get a kick out of this clip!

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World Funniest Video 2007 Goes To Landlord Pearl!

Happy New Year!!! As the year came to a close it may come as no surprise to most of you that the award for The World's Funniest Video for 2007 went to The Landlord Pearl with an amazing 58% of the vote! Congratulations to Will Ferrell and His Landlord on the big win from all of us here at The World's Funniest Videos!

Coming in a distant second was The Best Of Kids In The Hall with 10% followed by Jim Carey As Rocky with 8%. In a close forth was Girl's Behaving Badly with 7% and then Dave Chappelle and Wayne Brady with 5%. Tie for last was Harry Potter Fans and Robin Williams Stand-up both with 4%!

With a new year comes many more new videos, more voting and even a few surprises that we have planned for all you funny videoholics. So stay tuned to this site for the next entries and once again HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!