Cheerleader Takes It In The Face

Watch as this unsuspecting cheerleader at a basketball game puts her face in the way of an oncoming pass. I guess this is why you are supposed to be paying attention to the game...

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Bill Gates Last Day At Microsofty

Here at The World's Funniest Videos we love to poke fun all kinds of people, even ones that are considered one of the richest men in the world! Prepare yourself for Bill Gates last full day at Microsoft with a star studded cast including John Stewart, George Clooney, Bono, Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama.

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Backwards Bloopers

Sure slow motion bloopers are good, but how about backwards bloopers? Kinda puts a whole new prospective of things...

I know one is never enough so check out these backward classics! Tough to pick a favorite, but I have to go with the trampoline destruction...

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George Carlin A Comedic Genius (RIP)

In case you haven't heard the sad news yet, George Carlin passed away on Sunday, June 22, 2008 from heart failure. He was hands down one of the best stand-up comedians ever, and will be missed by scores of people around the world... Here is a taste of some of his "work". First up is simply entitled... "Stuff"

This next George Carlin Stand-up clip is just the audio, but none the less very funny... Enjoy Stupid People, there sure are a hell of a lot of them!

War, what is it good for? Well we're damn good at it...

Finally a very young George Carlin in 1978 preforming possibly his most famous routine, 7 words! RIP George!

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The Funniest News Bloopers

Here is a collection of some of funniest News slip ups ever caught on tape. They don't call it Live for nothing I guess. Does anyone know why a lot of these are Fox News? Just asking...

Since this is The World's Funniest Videos lets not just limit outselves to The States, these news bloopers are all from the BBC...

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The Great Office War

You know if all offices were like this one, I might consider going back to the grind. Get ready for the epic battle that is The Great Office War, a Youtube original!

Anyone you follows comments on sites like Youtube will get a kick out of this one... It's called Elevator Comments.

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Triumph The Comic Insult Dog At The Belmont Stakes

From Late Night With Conan O'brien, my personal favorite Triumph takes a journey to the Belmont Stakes to make fun of everyone! This video also includes a new sneak preview of the Fall NBC lineup! Sorry for the ad in the beginning of the video, but that's Hulu...

Next up is another short clip from Conan O'brien... The Wet Jeans contest! This time featuring hot college girls!

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Halfway Through The Year The Results Are In For The World's Funniest Video!

The votes are in and the leader so far this year is The World's Funniest Kids with an impressive 41% of the vote. Coming in a distant 2nd is Jim Carrey As Rocky Balboa with only 15% of the vote. In 3rd is the very funny Chris Farley Picking Up Chicks with 12% of the vote. In 4th is The Fruitcake Lady and 5th goes to Dave Chappelle & White People both with 11% of the vote. In 6th is Conan With A Beard with 4% and rounding it out is Ask Will Ferrell Anything with just 3% of the vote!
The top four videos will stay in the running and we will introduce three new videos that could become The World's Funniest Video! The three new nominees are College Daze, Sumo Car Wash and Stephen Colbert & Rain! Cast your vote today, the poll is on the sidebar!

World's Funniest Animals

This first one was a $100,000 winner from America's Funniest Home Videos. Watch as this dog viciously defends it's bone from itself! Too funny...

Next up is a Youtube favorite with over 16 million views! Simply entitled Sneezing Panda...

The best 5 second clip on the Internet, what a dramatic look!

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Jim Carrey Is The Background Guy

From the show In Living Color where Jim Carrey got his start here is a very funny skit called The Background Guy! I imagine you can guess what it is about...

A comedic genius for sure, I wonder how much of this was just improv on Jim's part?

Here is yet another video from The Background Guy... I am surprised the other actors managed to keep a straight face!

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Tyrone On Fear Factor

This is one of the funniest Dave Chappelle skits I have ever seen. Watch as Dave (Tyrone the crackhead) gets on Fear Factor with Joe Rogan. He's good, real good!

Next up is another skit from Tyrone, this is really more of a commercial for the amazing drink, Red Balls! It gives you wings baby!

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For All The Ladies Who Have Ever Been Heckled!

After going through this prank I bet these construction workers will think twice before yelling out at another hottie walking down the street. They might even be forever traumatized : ) Watch out though, this pranks has a bit of language...

Chick Gets Revenge On Construction Workers - Watch more free videos

Next up is a Coca Cola soccer commercial from Europe I would assume. It is called The Unhuggables! I am surprised they haven't adopted this commercial for American Football!

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Cab Ride From Hell

I am not sure if you could get away with this crazy prank here in The States, but in Japan it seems as if almost anything is fair game. The clip starts out kinda slow, but just wait you are in for the Cab Ride From Hell! If anyone knows Japanese feel free to translate for us...

Next up we have a clip from our good neighbors above us, Canada. In this clip unsuspecting individuals are tempted with a $20 bill... Not even a lousy American 20, but a Canadian 20 : ) As you can imagine they all fall for this prank!

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