The Cupcake Cannon

Ok who else wants one? What better way to vanquish your enemies then to have them die covered in frosting?

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Conan O'brien Lever

I miss Conan!!!! I think I heard that he signed up with TBS? Anybody know when his new show starts? I hope he brings back the Lever Of Destiny...

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Zombie America

The very funny Ed Helms and the folks at Funny Or Die are responsible for this next set of videos... Let me tell ya, it ain't easy being a Zombie!

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Internet Distractions

That pesky Microsoft Word is always getting in the way... Doesn't he know we have work to do?!

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World's Funniest Video 2010 1st Quarter

Well it's that time again here at The World's Funniest Videos... You have spoken... And the clear winner for this round is Hot Chicks Pranked with 39% of the vote... I can't say I blame you...

2nd place went to Drunk Kitty Is Drunk with 21% followed by the Sniper Prank with 13% and Shoes with 11%.  Theses four video will go on to the next round in the hunt for The World's Funniest Video 2010 along with three new nominees. 

Let's give a round of applause to our runners up.  In fifth place was Vampire Reunion with 9%.  Sixth went to Google Wave Pulp Fiction with only 3% and last and certainly least Two World's Collide with a pathatic 2% of the vote!

The three new nominees for World's Funniest are Forehead Tittaes, The Presidential Reunion and The Epic Mouse.  Be sure to cast your vote for the World's Funniest Video on the side!  Good luck to all our contestants!

Flex: Old Spice Style

I saw this commercial last night during the Michigan State vs. Butler game and I knew at that moment it must be posted here... No words can describe... Just enjoy!

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