Inside High Times

If you ever wondered what it would be like to work at High Times. Well, thanks to the guys at College Humor we finally know! Yeah... It's pretty much what I thought...

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500th Post At The World's Funniest Videos!

Well over 3 years back we never thought this site would become such a success and it is all thanks to you, the viewers! Thanks all, here are some highlights from the past 500 posts just in case you missed them!

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Epic Commercial

You can check out more of our funniest videos in our 400th post and 200th post! And finally, in honor of our 500th post here is a funny video for all you out there... geeks 1, hot chicks in bikinis 0!

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New I-Phone Leak

You know... I never really thought the I-phone was that special until I saw all the apps that they have! They got an app for EVERYTHING : )

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Death Panels Are Coming!!!!!

If you have been following the Universal Health Care debate there is no doubt that you have heard about these Death Panels that go around slaughtering senior citizens... At first I didn't believe it, but then I saw this!

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10 Chick Flick Cliches

This video might actually make me go see He's Just Not That Into You : ) Bradley Cooper, Kevin Connolly, and Justin Long pull this off pretty good, which one is your favorite chick flick cliche? I am going with #4...

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Things You Don't Say To Your Wife

This next funny video is from the comedian Tim Hawkins, I had never heard of him, but this song was hilarious. I am sure some of us can relate! I gotta say this is much better than the Greenday version too. Anybody know if all of his stuff musical like this?

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Cat Vs. Aquarium

I bet you can guess what happens in the next video, but I still can't stop watching it... That is one major face plant... WTF is this cat thinking?

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Newbie Boyfriend

Poor guy gets the 5th degree just for not keeping up with technology... Poor guy will never learn I guess!

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10 Drug You Shouldn't Do While Driving

My personal favorite has to be LSD... The alcohol one was a little much : ) Still pretty funny German video. It kinda lost me at the end there, maybe you can translate.

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Triumph At The Dog Hotel

These days pets are pampered to no end... In this clip Triumph the Insult Comic Dog goes to a high scale pet hotel to see how the good life lives.

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Dog In A Swing

Lol this dog really looks like he his having a good time : ) Finally a good dog video, cat ones are a dime a dozen!

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The Urban Olympics

This one if for all of you out there that don't quite have what it takes to make the Olympic team in your country. This guy is not bad actually.... Better than the Stoner Olympics I guess...

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What Happened In Albuquerque?

Next up is a video from the upcoming movie The Goods, Live Hard Sell Hard! This clip stars Will Ferrell and Jeremy Piven... I don't want to tell you too much cause it will just ruin it for u... enjoy! Watch out this one is considered to be NSFW (not suitable for work)!

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Fake Lottery Ticket

I always though that if someone gave me one of these fake lottery tickets I would never forgive them... I suppose that is what this guy is thinking right about now.

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Megan Fox Disses Seth Rogen

Here poor Seth Rogen is just trying to be nice and the hottie Megan Fox denies him the kiss on the cheek in front of millions of people... I wouldn't forget this moment either!!!

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