Gandalf Goes To The World Cup

I never knew what those noise makers all the football fans used until this video... Thank you Youtube, now I finally know what a vuvuzela is...

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Funny Prom Date

I can't say that I have ever tried Orbitz gum before, but after this little skit starring Will Arnett, Jason Bateman, Rachel Harris and Aubrey Plaza I might just have to try a piece.

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The BP Coffee Spill

Hmmm... Perhaps a shut off for the coffee pot would have worked... I guess we will never know...

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Wax On With Ralph Macchio

Poor Karate Kid will never be able to turn to the dark side of Hollywood... Or will he? Starring Molly Ringwald, Kevin Connolly and of course... Daniel Son...

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Denise Richards Party

After watching Denise Richards in this commercial you are gonna want to check out her parties too... 

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Mad Man Drummer Is At The Wrong Gig

Ok this drummer has got to be the craziest I have ever seen... A real unorthodox style that is for sure... What do you think?

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