David Letterman Working At McDonalds

I wonder how many customers McDonald's lost this day? This is classic David Letterman as you can tell by the cars going through the drive-thru! What would you do in this situation?

Next time up Dave is working at a Taco Bell Drive-Thru... This one is a little better cause you can actually see the faces of the poor people that just wanted to eat a quick lunch! "She's gone already chief!"... just hilarious!

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Jim Carrey At Meryl Streep Tribute

Very funny speech from one of the most talented men on the planet, Mr James Carrey! This clip is from a tribute show to the great actress Meryl Streep... Jim does a few great impressions and even does a song and dance!

This next video involves Jim Carrey as well! This one is straight from The Late Show With David Letterman... I won't ruin it for you, your just going to have to watch!

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Some Of The Funniest Moment From The Daily Show

First up it is Back In Black with Lewis Black... one of my favorite segments from the show. In this clip he explains to us just how important celebrities are in combating climate change...

Next up is something ripped from the headlines... that's right OJ is on the run again and The Daily Show has the inside scope on that and Hilary's new health care plan!

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Girls Behaving Like Men

Much to the surprise of these unsuspecting elevator visitors... Sure it starts out like love in an elevator, but turns into the tomb of no escape!

This next prank is from the TV show Girls Behaving Badly, it features the beautiful Brooke Burke and has two poor male victims... I won't ruin it for you, enjoy!

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The Best Of Phil Hartman

He was one of my favorite comedians of all time and it was a real shame that he was taken before his time. Here are a couple of his finer moments in my eyes.

First up is a clip from Saturday Night Live. In this one Phil Hartman plays President Clinton to a tee. This has to be one of my favorite skits from the once funny show...

Next is a clip from his days as the unfrozen caveman lawyer!

This next clip is from The Simpsons. In case you didn't know it Phil Hartman was a frequent guess on the show. In this video he is Lionel Hutz attorney at law...

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The Roast Of Denis Leary And Others

This first one features Dane Cook poking fun at pretty much everyone on the stage at the Denis Leary roast. I am not too familiar with Dane Cook, but he is actually quite funny...

Next up it is the roast of William Shatner. From the Golden Girls among other things, Betty White rips into Mr. Shanter with reckless abandon! She's still got it...

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Hilarious Pranks From Various Pranksters

Nowadays a lot of people are spending less time at the pump simply because they can't afford it. Not only are these people getting ripped off by the big oil companies but they have this built in television to deal with...

This next clip I though was pretty hilarious! Imagine you signed up to make a couple extra bucks by going to a focus group... sounds innocent enough right?

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Some Of The Best Of Robin Williams

This first video is a bit of stand-up from earlier in Robin Williams career. He explains to use the effect that drugs and alcohol can have on us... very funny stuff from this comedic genus!

This next one is much more recent as you can tell from Robin Williams hair... In this clip he is a featured guest on the very funny Who's Line Is It Anyways? I am not so crazy about the singing part, but the beginning skit is hilarious...

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