The Anti-Drug Dog

I am sure most of you have seen that Anti Drug commercial with the dog that actually talks to the little kid... I mean if you got a dog talking to you, most likely you are on some serious drugs, not just smoking a little weed. This stuff must be laced man...


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Credit Cards Finally Get What They Deserve

Why do I get the feeling that this is not too far from how the real executives of the credit card companies act? I will tell you one thing... I got it out for Bank of America... Wish I could get my hands on those sons of... well u get the idea...

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Larry The Cable Guy

How we went three years here at The World's Funniest Videos without posting a Larry The Cable Guy video we will never know, but let's make up for it with the best of Larry The Cable Guy. First up is Larry talking about his family... Get er done!

Next up is Larry The Cable Guy's Christmas carols... I know it is a little out of season, but this is hilarious!

Finally it is Larry The Cable Guy talking about Hugh Hefner and Viagra... As you can imagine this one is not quite suitable for work! Good stuff...

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Funny Hockey Video

In case you missed the NHL playoffs have been going on for the past couple weeks. Well in honor of the NHL playoffs here is a funny hockey video... Trust me it's not what you expect!

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Funny Pole Dancing

It is every man's dream to come home and have your wife or girlfriend with a surprise stripper pole installed in your house. Well this guy is no exception... doesn't he look thrilled to tears!

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Will Ferrell In Celebrity Jeopardy With Tom Hanks

Up next is another instant classic from the Celebrity Jeopardy series from Saturday Night Live. This one stars two of our favorites Will Ferrell as Alex and the very funny guy who plays Sean Connery. Tom Hanks is also part of this one along with Kathy Lee Gifford. This just never gets old... I apologize in advance for the damn Hulu ad... It's not up to me...

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Watch out kids this next one could be considered not suitable for work. This SNL Digital Short is from the same guys that brought you Dick In A Box, Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg. Enjoy this next one called Motherlover... I doubt their mothers are too proud...

And just in case you missed the classic Dick In A Box well.... Here it is...

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Kid Fighting Chicken

Watch as this kid shows off his impressive karate skills.... Unfortunetly for him the chicken is just not buying it...

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Who Knew High Blood Pressure Could Be So Funny?

Straight from Japan the next video from The World's Funniest Video is actually a commercial for high blood pressure medication. Who comes up with these ideas is my question!

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The Funniest Drunks On The Internet

This viral video classic has over 12 million view on Youtube if you can believe it. I guess there is nothing quite as funny as watching a bunch of drunks in action... Don't try this at home, you might wake up with one hell of a hangover!

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The Funniest Dogs

Courtesy of AFV this next clip is a montage of funny dogs from around America. I am not sure why, but it always seems like the funny cats videos outweigh the dogs ones 2 to 1. Anyone know why?

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The Saddest World Record Attempts Ever

Get ready for the top 12 saddest world record attempts ever.... Where do they come up with this stuff? I mean who wants to break open eggs with their feet? I guess that is where the cracked comes in!

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George Clooney And Chris Farley At Sea World

Classic SNL Chris Farley with Mandy the Whale at Sea World along side George Clooney and Janeane Garofalo. We miss you Chris, no one can match that distinctive yell!!

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