Dave Chappelle & White People

Dave Chappelle is not afraid to make fun of different races as anyone who watches his show would know. This skit is no exception, and what he uncovers is just so true! Watch out these videos do have a bit of profanity...

One is never enough, and I know we missed out on the Native Americans the first time around, so here we go with more from Dave Chappelle...

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The Best Of Jay Leno

Starting it out with one of my favorite parts of the show headlines! This is a compilation from a few different shows... The stupid criminal one has to be the best!

Next up is a classic from one of his appearances on David Letterman... Classic!

I never though Jay's monologues were anything too spectacular, but the early stand-up routine is pretty hilarious. This act is from Just For Laughs back in 1985...

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Clever Pranks

Not sure what language this one is in, but don't worry all you english viewers it does have subtitles! You gotta wonder what is going through these peoples heads... funny stuff!

Absolutely Hilarious Bathroom Mirror Prank - Watch more free videos

Next up is a good variety of pranks that you can pull. There is nothing like a good scare pranks to put a smile on your face... The police on though has to be my favorite!

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The World's Funniest Video 2007 Is...

Sorry your going to have to wait till December 31, 2007 for that one, but you can help choose which videos is the funniest for this year by casting your vote on the side!

Last months results are in and to no surprise The Landlord Pearl came in #1 with 61% of the votes! #2 was Dave Chappelle & Wayne Brady with 9%, Jim Carey As Rocky at #3 with a close 8% of the vote, 4th was Robin Williams Standup with 7%, Sexy Dress Prank with 6% in 5th, David Letterman working fastfood at 6th with only 4% and finally rounding out the bottom is Phil Hartman with 2%.

The top 4 videos will continue on and we will add three more videos to the running to become The World's Funniest Video 2007! The three new entries are The Best Of Kids In The Hall, Girl's Behaving Like Men and For All You Harry Potter Fans. Let your voice be heard and cast your vote today!

America Does Have Some Pretty Funny Videos

First up is a lot of trampoline fun and some other very painful experiences... I gotta wonder what these people were thinking in some of these clips? Music courtesy of Cypress Hill!

This one is especially design for all of our German viewers here at The World's Funniest Videos. It has a bit of subtitles in it just for you! 7 minutes of hilarious action... the falls at the end have to be the best in my opinion.

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The Best Of Conan O'Brien

This first clip is some of the funniest moments ever from Late Night With Conan O'Brien! It includes some classics and some newer stuff...

This next clip is when Conan has the host of the Weakest Link on his program.... This time he turns the tables on her!

Conan O'Brien - The Weakest Link - Watch the top videos of the week here

Last up here at The World's Funniest Videos is Conan O'Brien goes Bird Watching... Hmmm Bushtit... opens up all kinds of new meanings!

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