Monty Python's And Now For Something Completely Different

A classic movie from 1971 "And Now For Something Completely Different", by Monty Python is a collection of the most popular skits from the first two season of the classic TV show. It does take a certain humor to appreciate it, but if you like Monty Python you will really enjoy this movie... This is the full movie so be prepared!

Which one is your favorite skit from the movie?

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Best Of Space Ghost Coast To Coast

It really takes a certain sense of humor to fully understand Space Ghost Coast To Coast that is for sure! This clip features none other than Jerry Springer and Jessica Parker!

This next clip is a compilation of Space Ghost episodes... Including the cast members of Stomp! Funny stuff...

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Lewis Black Vs. Bill Hicks

First like me give you an update on who won the last stand-up battle between Steven Wright and Mitch Hedberg! It was no real contest between these two funny comedians. Here are the results...

If you would like to vote on the battle you still can by going to the post and leaving a comment!

The next stand-up battle from The World's Funniest Videos will be between Bill Hicks and Lewis Black, two of the funniest guys out there! First up is Bill Hicks... This is the entire show from his HBO feature called Revelations from 1993. Enjoy this late great stand-up legend...

Time for Mr. Lewis Black... This is from a recent show called The Root Of All Evil! This first clip is Beer Vs. Weed!

Part 1

Part 2
Next up, Is Viagra the root of all evil?

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The Search For The Holy Grail

It takes a certain kind of sense of humor to appreciate this classic from Monty Python. This first clip is well know as The Knights Who Say Ni!

This next video is perhaps one of the most epic battles in movie history. King Arthur vs. The Black Knight... Enjoy!

This last clip is my personal favorite from Monty Python's The Quest For The Holy Grail! In this one King Arthur and his knights of the round table face the most vicious creature in all the land...

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John Stewart Interviews Will Ferrell As George W. Bush

This video is from the 2008 Night of Too Many Stars benefit for autism education. I have to say Will Ferrell does quite the George W. Bush impression. I wonder what the real George W. thinks of all this?

I don't know why but this next clip really reminds me of George W. Bush, perhaps in a couple of years just after finishing a cina-bun at the mall...

Finally there is nothing really better than the real thing, so here you go. This is George W. Bush at his best and to think that the American public voted this guy into office twice!

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Funny Pranks From Around The World

This prank comes to us from what appears to be the UK. I won't ruin it for you... you'll just have to watch this hilarious prank!

Next up is a prank involving a knight in shinning armor! Everybody love a good scare right? Not sure where exactly this video comes from, anyone who does can leave it in the comments below...

The grand finale is called the sexy underwear prank and comes from our good friends to the north! Is it just me or does this guy remind anyone of David Spade? Either way this prank is just too funny : )

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Jimmy Kimmel's: The Best Of Unnecessary Censorship!

As chosen by the fans of Jimmy Kimmel's late night show, here is a collection of the best of unnecessary censorship. Amazing what adding in a few beeps can do to the context of someone's words...

The audio in this next clip is a little off, but none the less it is still funny! This is Jimmy Kimmel's picks for the best of unnecessary censorship for the year. The George Bush clips have to be my favorite...

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Dave Chapelle - For What Its Worth

This stand up performance from Dave Chappelle, was shot in 2004 at the Fillmore in San Fransisco! This is a full hour long performance so break out the popcorn, and make sure the kids are sleeping cause this video is unedited.

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Everything Is Better In Slow Motion

This first one is pretty amazing to watch. This cat decided it would be a good idea to sink it's claws into a horse... Well let's just say the cat was dead wrong!

Next up is another painful clip, this one reminds us why bunk beds really aren't that safe. The look on the girls face is priceless!

Finally it's the grand daddy of all slow motion clips, the slap to the face from the show Brainacs! This was just too funny...

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