The New AT&T

I just can't help but post this one... I remember when the government broke these guys up not too long ago! Stephen Colbert does a great job explaining the whole situation. I am sure by the end of this clip you will have a pretty good hold on the story!

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A Collection Of The Funniest Simpson Clips!

Homer is the lady from the Exorcist in this first clip... They also get a robot boy is this one, pretty hilarious!

This one is from one of my favorite episode were Bart becomes a dare-devil and prepares to jump the Springfield Gorge!

Finally my favorite character on the show Mr. Homer Simpson... These are some of his finest moments... don't ask me why it ends with the begin to Family Guy. I don't know about you but I don't really think Family Guy is very funny!

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The Greatest Dance-Offs Of All Time!

From The Drew Carey show here is a couple strip teases just for you! Caution this clip may cause temporary blindness and dizziness... no one should see Drew without his shirt :)

This next one is from the movie Zoolander... I thought this was by far the best part of the movie! Not exactly a dance, but it's a Walk-Off... Hilarious!

And finally the grand daddy of them all! Will and Carlton stuck in Vegas after Carlton gambles away all their money, they are forced to join up for a dance competition. Enjoy!

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Jim Carrey As Rocky Balboa

The clip was first seen on the show In Living Color way back when. Rocky VI "Amazing Grace" Jim Carrey pulls off Rocky without a hitch...

Another classic from the show In Living Color. Jim Carrey plays a super buff workout instructor... this clips again proves his amazing versatility as an actor! Also he does look pretty good in pig tails!

In this one Jim plays a Karate instructor. As usual he makes quite the entrance! And for some reason I don't think instructors normally say this..."You attacked me wrong" just hilarious : )

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A 22 Foot Snake + Conan O'Brien

Hilarious clip with Conan and Steve Irwin... man is that ever a huge snake! A real shame what happened to Steve he is certainly missed by many... It is good that we have clips like this to remember him by.

Next, simply because I love Triumph The Comic Insult Dog here is a clip from the Video Music Awards. Eminem gets a little nasty with all of his body guards surrounding him... what a little punk! All of the other "stars" in this clip seem to take Triumph's humor quite well, but then again they don't really show you what happens after the onslaught of insults...

And finally a little "Classic Conan" from his early days... in this next clip he is interviewing Arnold Schwarzenegger! He gives Conan a few tips on how to get a chiseled figure among other things : ) Enjoy!

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