Mr. T's New Snickers Commercial

Who says commercials can't be funny sometimes? Check out this new advert from Snickers staring the 80's phenomenon Mr. T! So true...

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Anonymous said...

Mr. T is the man and pulling the ad is stupid! I mean what year do we live in, last time I checked it was 2008 for pity sake.
I just downloaded Mr. T’s voice from for my GPS and I love it. But my question is, am I meant to get offended every time I make a wrong turn and he calls me a fool or something? On that note, I also go Kim Cattrall from Navtones, can I claim she is sexually harassing me when she says, “Lets just pull over and get in the backseat, that’s bigger enough for us two, or maybe three”?
The Snickers ad is just an ad and with them pulling it, it’s probably getting more attention than it would have if it just came out. (Pun)
“Get Some Nuts.”