Mr. T's New Snickers Commercial

Who says commercials can't be funny sometimes? Check out this new advert from Snickers staring the 80's phenomenon Mr. T! So true...

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Jim Gaffigan Explains Religion

The talented comedian Jim Gaffigan has some very funny views on religion. Have a listen... well unless you are easily offended then you might want to just skip to the next video : )

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Ode To Joy

As preformed by Beaker from the Muppets! You gotta admit he does a pretty good job...

Now just to make sure that song never gets out of your head today here are some NBA bloopers set to the same song, Ode To Joy... My personal favorite has to be the last clip : )

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The Ghost Car Prank

This poor people just wanted to back up, but this mysterious car just keeps on getting in their way! Hmm...

And then there is these poor people... All they wanted to do was be the good Samaritan, but just look where it got them!

Finally here is a quicky... Ouch is about all I can say!

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More From The Fruitcake Lady!

Since the Fruitcake Lady is leading in the votes for the World's Funniest Video 2008 we decided to give the people what they want. From the Jay Leno show here is the famous Fruitcake Lady!

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Is Batman Out Of Control?

With a new Batman movie coming out almost every summer you really do have to ask yourself if this Superhero is spiraling out of control. Just check out this funny parody of the crazy crime fighter The Dark Knight. Enough is enough...

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Three McConaugheys And A Baby

I am sure most of us remember the big hit from the 80s Three Men And A Baby, well leave it to Holywood to come up with a sequel quite like this one. Here is Three Mathew McConaugheys And A Baby...

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Triumph Insults Jerry Springer

Another classic clip, this one comes from Late Night With Conan O'brien. Watch as the classic Conan character Triumph the Comic Insult Dog rips into Jerry Springer. I think Jerry got exactly what he deserved, what do you say?

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Jon Stewart Early Stand-Up

Wow, this is some serious vintage Jon Stewart from Miami in 1996! Funny how history repeats itself, this stand-up routine could have been from yesterday. You can certainly tell from this video though that he was the perfect fit for The Daily Show...

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The Evolution Of Dance

This video probably should have been posted on here a long, long time ago, but better late than never. With only a measly 91 million views on Youtube, some of you may have seen this one before : )

Simply entitled The Evolution Of Dance here is comedian Judson Laipply...

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Dysfunctional Home Show with Jim Carrey

From the 90's television show In Living Color this is one of my favorite skits Jim Carrey has ever done. Jim plays a raging alcoholic in this skit called The Dysfunctional Home Show...

I don't think the new SNL or Madd TV has anything on that clip, what do you think?

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