David Copperfield vs Harry Potter

The mighty magician David Copperfield has a message for Mr. Harry Potter...

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Those Crazy Japanese

I gotta admit this looks pretty fun... I wouldn't mind giving it a shot!  I guess it is kinda like extreme capture the flag?

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Mark Zuckerberg's Reaction To Google +

Poor poor Facebook... Well I guess the Winklevoss twins will be mighty happy hehehe

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Water Jet Pack Fail

I don't know about you but after this I might actually start watching Fox News...

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Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis & Will Ferrell

As you can imagine anytime Will Ferrell does and interview things get a little weird... This video is no exception to the rule...

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Kenny Powers Is The K-Swiss CEO

I don't know about you but I think Kenny Powers just brought the sexy back to K-Swiss... Watch out this one is NSFW...

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Field Of Dreams 2

I knew they would make a sequel to Field Of Dreams sooner or later... This one stars Taylor Lautner, Ray Liotta, Kevin Costner and Dennis Haysbert.

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Nancy Grace Reacttion To Casey Anthony Verdict

Unless you lives under a rock the past few month you have seen the rants of the maniac that is Nancy Grace... Well I think she has finally lost it...

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World's Funniest Video 2011 Votes Are In!

Another quarter of a year has past and it is time to tally the votes!  In first place was Twin Baby Boys Conversation capturing 29% of the vote! 2nd place went to I Am Harry Potter with 20% of the vote.  3rd place went to The Force with 14%.  4th place was a tie between Barrel Roll Dog and Watermelon To The Face with 11% of the votes tallied.  6th place was The Problem With Jeggings with only 7% and in dead last was Paranormal Activity 2 Trailer with 5%.  The top 5 videos will go on to the next round of The World's Funniest  Video 2011 and three new videos will be brought into the running.  Those videos are Streaker Fail, Navy Seal Who Killed Bin Laden and Cuddle Club

Cast your vote today and stay tuned to the site to see who will be crowned the funniest video of 2011!

Fail Compilation

Some of these hurt to even watch... But you know you can't help yourself... Go ahead press the play button : )

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