The Rapping Flight Attendant

Well I guess this is better then the normal Blah, Blah, Blah... What do u think?

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Did You Get What You Wanted For Christmas?

Well her husband did... I am not so sure about her...

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The Crazy Screaming Dude

First I would jump... Then I would chase... Then comes the beatings! Still a funny video : )

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Shoes The Youtube Sensation

The first time I heard this song I almost died laughing! This is one of the weirdest viral videos on Youtube, no doubt...

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Momma Is Santa?

Poor kids are gonna be traumatized for life after this little incident... Either that or mommy is when she finds out what they have been up to!

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Drunk Kitty Is Drunk

Don't worry folk this cat wasn't give any alcohol.... Just some STRONG medication from the vet.

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Kids In The Hall Are Back!

Some of you might not remember the classic Canadian show Kids In The Hall, but I still think you can appreciate the humor. This movies looks like it is gonna be hilarious! Here is the preview for new movie Death Comes To Town...

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Dangerous Wands Harry Potter Parody

About time they came up with a good Harry Potter spoof... This one is an instant classic! Dangerous Minds meets Harry Potter!

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Vampire Reunion

With all the buzz about Twilight and the seemingly endless supply of new vampire shows I think it is time that we take a look back at some of the more famous vampires of our time. Lucky for us they just had a reunion!

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Hot Chicks Getting Pranked

Hot chicks and pranks... Is there a better combination in the world? I think not...

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Epic Faceplant

We know here at The World's Funniest Videos that you love a good faceplant. Well... feed your addiction, this is epic!

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The Tetris God

I knew the video game Gods were pretty cruel, but geez this is pretty heavy stuff... What did they ever do to deserve this?!

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SNL Tiger Woods Skit

Poor Tiger Woods has been through a lot these past few days with all the scandals and the media attention. Who knew though that he had suffered so many injures AFTER the original accident!

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For The Love Of Mrs. Brown

This is a couple clips from the play For The Love Of Mrs. Brown... I don't know about you, but it looks pretty hilarious and I am not big on plays! Hide the kids before you play this video, it is NSFW!

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The War Face North Pole Style

All of you Full Metal Jacket fans will get a kick out of this one... Watch out though, like the movie it is NSFW! Merry Christmas!!!

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Robin Williams Loves Video Games

I always thought Robin Williams was a regular Joe, but this video really proves it... After all, who doesn't love Call Of Duty? This video just might teach you a thing or two about his family as well...

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