Cat Reacts To Car Accident

I can see exactly what this cat is thinking and it boils down to just three letters... O... M... G...

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Weird: The Al Yankovic Story

I gotta admit I was a HUGE Weird Al fan growing up... I even saw him in concert! It would be good if this was a real movie... Looks pretty funny : )

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Bryan Cranston In Sense Of Smell

Anyone who loves the show Malcolm In The Middle or just appreciates a good fart joke will like this next video starring Bryan Cranston... Poor guy just came back from Iraq and THIS is what he has to put up with!

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Intense Mentos Commercial

Mentos makes everything better... And really helps with the ladies too... The don't call it the fresh maker for nothing!

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Marion Cotillard's New Product For Women

Leave it to the french to come up with forehead tittaes... For some reason though, I could see how this would work...

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Video Game Villians Have Problems Too!

The incompetent help can't even stop one single guy?! Doesn't anyone else see a pattern with this? Love the ending...

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Dave Chappelle The Security Guard

I am guessing this next one was from The Chappelle Show... In this skit Dave plays Gary Coleman the security guard... Funny stuff...

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The Button

You know you wanna press it... Go on... Give it a try...

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The Presidential Reunion From Funny Or Die

BREAKING NEWS!!! There has just been a major meeting at the White House between the Presidents of the past and Barrack Obama... Here is what happened... Maybe we can turn this country around after all...

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28 Drinks Later

Anyone who has seen the movie 28 Days Later... or just enjoys drinking will get a kick out of this next video from Funny Or Die. Here is the very funny Nick Swardson with 28 Drinks Later!

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Good Flips Gone Bad

There is just something about watching painfully funny videos set to classic music... Really does it for me, how bout u?

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