Funniest Video 2009 Votes Are In!

Voting for 3rd quarters funniest video in the world was a bit closer than usual. In first place was Greatest Freak Out capturing 32% of the vote. In a close 2nd place was Sexy Funny Commercials with 25% of the vote. 3rd place went the The Funniest DUI Stop Ever with 15% of the vote. 4th place was Oprah Goes Crazy with 8% and The Flame War close behind with 7%. In 6th place was Mow The Lawn with 6% and finally in last place Colonel With Mel Gibson. Apparently you people don't appreciate a good KFC parody : )

As you might already know the top 4 videos go on to the final round and we will introduce three new videos that have a chance at becoming The World's Funniest Video 2009. The New Nominees are Having A Baby?, Fake Lottery Ticket and Protect Insurance Companies!

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