Does Britain Have Talent?

You be the judge... After seeing M Flatley on the show Britain's Got Talent I am just not sure... Does anybody know if he made it to the next round?

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Two Worlds Collide With Reba McEntire

Boy o boy Reba McEntire must have spent a lot of time in the sun since I last saw her. Not to mention the fact that she put on a few extra pounds! Here is Reba and Andy Samberg together for the first time in their brand new music video...

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The Muppets Bohemian Rhapsody

This could be even better than the original by Queen... Get ready for one of the craziest Muppets video ever created! Enjoy!

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Benny Hill Car Chase

Anything set to Benny Hill music is alright in my book... Especially a good old LA car chase!

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Shiny Suds

We have all seen the commercial with the bathroom cleaners that magically cleans your entire bathroom. This is one of those ads... Well in a funny sorta way...

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What A Cute Baby!

Ah there is nothing quite like a little bundle of joy to put a smile on your face. People just can resist cute babies like this one...

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Prank Wars The Skydiving Prank

Ah the good old prank wars... If you haven't seen them yet perhaps you should start from the beginning. Otherwise, get ready for the latest installment where Amir tricks his buddy into thinking he is plummeting to his death... I know... Sounds hilarious!

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Faceplant On So You Think You Can Dance

I was never much of a fan of So You Think You Can Dance, but after watching this clip over, and over, and OVER AGAIN I am starting to warm up to the idea...

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We Are Douchebags

Douchebags all over the world are uniting with one single cause... If only they were all in one big building that caught on fire... Wait did I just say that out loud?! Watch out, this one is rated NSFW!

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Bride Can't Stop Laughing

Not sure if this is a good sign or a bad sign for their marriage... One thing is for sure though... she does have a great sense of humor!

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Funny Catwalk Blooper

The newsman just can't get enough of this little supermodel's blooper... Can u blame him?

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