The Dog Collar Test

My legal department is telling me to let you know that you shouldn't try this one at home! I don't know why you would, but hey this guy thought it was a good idea to put on an electric shock dog collar and see what it feels like... Looks quite painful!

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Top Ten George W. Bush Moments

This video is courtesy of Late Night With David Letterman, here is the Top Ten George W. Bush moments from his LONG eight year Presidency. He will be missed by the comedians, but no one else...

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The Greatest Surfer In The World!

It took years of practice every single day to learn this unbelievable surfing trick. Lucky for you they show it again in ultra slow motion so you can really appreciate it...

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U Can't Wrap This!

The MC Hammer classic from the 90's with a Christmas touch... I gotta say the midgets really make the video!

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Mr. Beans Christmas Disaster

I was never the biggest fan of Rowan Atkinson, but this little skit is pretty funny and just in time for Christmas. Any fan of Mr. Bean will certainly appreciate this video...

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Bank Robber Discrimination

Who would have though that people can be so mean to a guy wearing a stocking over his head! Affermitave action doesn't seem to be working quite right in this case. I guess that is what you get for trying to buy things dressed as a bank robber...

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Star Wars According To A 3 Year Old

Another Youtube classic this clip has almost 10 million views already! Anyone who has seen the Star Wars Episode IV can appreciate this one...

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TV & Game Show Bloopers

These are some classic bloopers from all around the world! This clip is quite long, but it is worth it there really are some funny moments from through the years... My favorite has to be the Newlywed ones, just hilarious! How bout you?

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There Is Something Seriously Wrong With This Dog

I don't know what the cameraman has in this next clip but it has to be pretty darn good. This dog has some major issues and wants it bad, REAL bad...

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A Really Bad Beer Run

I think next time they will think twice before sending Little Jimmy on the beer run! Things just didn't work out too well for him...

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The Funniest DUI Stop Ever!

While I was watching this I was thinking, I wonder just how quick could I recite the alphabet backwards while sober let alone after having a few drinks! This guy that gets pulled over for DUI is good... REAL good...

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The Automatic Bicycle

This was crazy, the BMX race was pretty close until... The poor guy!

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The Cutest Pug Video Ever

You have to admit the Pug is one of the cutest dog in the world! This is the old watch the dog chase the laser trick...

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Triumph The Comic Insult Dog At Star Wars

I don't know about you but if I was ever at one of these conventions and saw Triumph heading my way I would run...

With Triumph the Comic Insult Dog sometimes once just isn't enough so here he is again this time at the Michael Jackson trial! I am surprised that these people had the guts to put their faces on TV...

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Robin Williams On Barack Obama

Never have politics been quite so funny as when Mr. Robin Williams explains them... Then again he has a lot of good material to work with, George W. Bush, Sarah Palin, Gov. Arnold... I think the comedians are going to be the only ones who miss President Bush!

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Why Switching Bodies Is No Good

I am sure you have all seen a movie where two people switch bodies, well in the real world that might not be such a good idea. Even more so if you are in the corporate environment...

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When Good Bananas Go Bad

I am sure we can all relate... Well maybe not, but it is still pretty funny!

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Nancy Grace Goes Crazy On Elizabeth

This is perfect... There is no one more that I hate on CNN then Nancy Grace, what a dumb you know what. All she does is talk about celebrities and other nonsense news, she gets what she deserves. Way to go Elizabeth and I am sorry you lost your job : )

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Beware Of The Doghouse

With Christmas approaching like a run away freigh train probably a lot of you still haven't done your Christmas shopping just yet. Well if you are a guy you should watch this video before hitting the stores or you will find yourself in the doghouse...

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The George W. Bush Exit Interviews

First let me just say thank god George W. Bush is going to be out of the White House is just a couple weeks! Yes there is a god!!! Watch as John Stewart and the Daily Show gives you all of the best presidential moments from the Charles Gibson interview...

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Proposition 8 The Musical

The star studded cast including Jack Black as Jesus Christ, Doogie Howser (I don't know his real name) and John C. Reilly come together to bring us this very funny musical entitled, Prop 8 - The Musical...

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The Very Funny Jim Breuer

These three are all new clips from the comedian Jim Breuer. First up is a little piece of his stand-up act, this one is simply entitled Kids...

Next up is a cartoon bit from Jim Breuer, when I first saw it I thought it was talking about the Jefferson Avenue in Detroit, but apparently not, either way pretty funny!

And finally, my personal favorite, this one is titled Kelsey's Cafe...

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