The Funniest Video Votes Are In!

The votes for the funniest video of 2009 are in! In 1st place is The Funniest DUI Stop Ever with 32% of the vote. 2nd place goes to Beware Of The Doghouse with 20% of the vote. This time around 3rd place went to Oprah Goes Crazy with 14% of the vote tallied. 4th place was Star Wars According To A Kid with 8% of the vote. In 5th place by just one vote was Will Ferrell Endorsing McCain. Rounding out the bottom was Effect of Beer On Men in 7th and in last Matrix Running On XP.

The top 4 videos will remain in the running to become the funniest video of 2009 and we will introduce 3 new videos to the mix. Those are The Colonel With Mel Gibson, The Taco Bell Run and Sexy Funny Commercials! Be sure to cast your vote today... Just look to the sidebar!

Twouble With Twitter

I actually just started up a Twitter account ironically enough. This video is for all you die hard Twitters out there! I am sure you will get a kick out of this funny video called Twouble With Twitter... It does become an addiction...

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Kevin James Pole Dance

If you are a fan of the King of Queens you probably remember this episode. The infamous pole dancers... Kevin James got the moves what can I say...

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Kid Can't Kick Ball

The poor little kid just can't figure how to kick this ball! Life's tough kid, get used to it...

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Funny Sexy Commercials

I don't know how many people would have the balls to try something like this. Watch as this guy tries to impress his friends back home. Hilarious commercial!

If you liked that one you will probably get a kick out of this one as well... Of course this one is a beer commercial!

Finally this is probably one the funniest condom commercial out there. This one is from the great land of Sweden...

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I Believe I Can Fly

I always hated this song, but set against this set of funny clips its somehow not so bad. My favorite has to be the spinning dog... How bout you?

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Cute Sesame Street Kid

This was just too adorable... I believe this is from a Seasame Street episode from around 1972. Too cute, just one thing on her mind!!

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Norm MacDonald On Conan O'brien

First up is a segment where Conan, Norm and Gordon Ramsay attempt to make a rather strange dish. Let's just say things get a little out of hand...

Next is the actually sit down interview with Norm MacDonald and Conan O'brien... I gotta say every time he is on the show he's got me laughing!

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A Really Funny Hockey Fight

The announcer just can't help himself as he watches the replay of Jarkko Ruutu pulling a fast one on Dion Phaneuf and he tries to start a fight. I wonder if he got beat up later on for pulling a move like this one... Of course the refs didn't see it...

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Bizkit The Sleep Walking Dog

Watch as this poor dog dreams of frolicking through the mighty woods after a tasty rabbit... Who knew the poor Bizkit would actually get up and start running!

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The Very Funny Pete Johansson

The stand-up comedian Pete Johansson calls em like he sees em... Just listen to what he has to say about the USA, Marijuana and the Chinese Olympics... Let's just say he doesn't hold anything back I am sure our Canadian viewers would be proud!

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Nadya Suleman Giving Birth The 8 Babies

This video is from the Jimmy Kimmel show... I guess that crazy lady that had the octuplets is put up for sale a video of her giving birth for a million dollars... I don't know if you could pay me a million dollars to even watch that video : ) This one is much funnier...

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Jim Cramer On Stephen Colbert

Although there is nothing funny about the massive drop in stock prices I hope you can still appreciate this next video. Stephen Colbert tries to lighten up the recent market crash with CNBC's Jim Cramer... Just watchs it gets better...

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The Prank Wars $500000 Shot

O man if somebody pulled this prank on me I would be pissed! Watch as Amir makes the unbelievable half court shot...

If you think that was just too cruel then you obviously haven't seen what Amir did to Streeter at Yankee Stadium... That was just too much!

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Brian Regan Vs. Jim Gaffigan

It has been a while since we have pitted two comedians against each other here at the World's Funniest so here you go... First up is Brian Regan explaining the diversity of Greeting Cards...

Next is Jim Gaffigan telling us all what he thinks about people who don't drink...

Which one did you think was the funniest? Brian Regan Or Jim Gaffigan? Cast vote below in the comments...

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A Drunk Jeff Goldblum

You might want to have a few just to appreciate this next one... Watch as a completely drunk Jeff Goldblum tries to do an Apple ad. At least that's what it sounds like...

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