Greatest Freak Out Ever

This video shows us all why we should never let our children play World of Warcraft. Watch how this poor kid acts after his mom cancels his WOW account... Quite possibly the best freak out ever caught on tape and now his is a Youtube legend : )

Here is another classic freakout this time it is all about the Myspace freakout... Watch out this kid has a potty mouth...

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1 comment: said...

if i was any part of his family i would literally beat his ass for talking like that, especially at his age. bitch ass nigga i'm 29 years old and i never spoke like that to my family unless i was on drugs or alcohol. His ass needs to get beat so badly. Bring him to me and i will take care of his "My Space" attitude. Message to him is "YOUR A LITTLE BITCH!!!!!!"