Merry Christmas From The World's Funniest Videos!

I am sure most of you may remember the mad craze that was Tickle Me Elmo... Will I guess they are starting to get really desperate... Check out this new toy!

Next up is a Christmas classic! It is a Charlie Brown Christmas with a twist... It is all performed by the cast of the TV show Scrubs... Hilarious!

Last up is a meeting between our President George W. Bush and the big man himself... Santa Claus! Merry Christmas!

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The World's Funniest Kids?

Well I am not sure if I have seen every single video out there, so I really can't say for sure, but these two kids are pretty hilarious... This one sounds like it should be on Britain's Funniest Home Videos with the heavy accent. "Charles Bit Me"

This next one is from here in The States. I won't ruin it for you, so just watch...

Last up is one just for the holidays! This is one of the most priceless reactions to a present I have every seen... I guess he got the right gift : )

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No Pain No Gain

Not sure what exactly these people gain, but we do get a nice laugh out of it...

Feel their pain! The Donkey one has to be my favorite... But there all worth the view!

This is what happens when animals attack!

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Jim Gaffigan Explains The Holidays And Hot Pockets

Just in time for the holidays comedian Jim Gaffigan gives us a hilarious look on Christmas and all the other holidays... If you think about it they are all pretty ridiculous!

Next up Jim Gaffigan explains to us the cultural phenomenon that is the hot pocket! I don't know I kinda like em... maybe the ham and cheese...

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Robin Williams On Viagra!

Hmmm maybe I should have worded that differently? Nah, I guess that will work... either way this clip from Robin Wiliams stand-up act is just hilarious! Watch out though it is certainly not for virgin ears...

Since this is a worldly site I am just going to appoligize to the French right now... but you have to admit this is pretty funny stuff!

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Funny Cats A Plenty...

Once again there is just a ton of cat videos out there compared to the dog videos! Send us your funny dog clips so we can even out the balance. Don't get me wrong cats can be funny, take this clip for example...

Sure cats can be pretty funny, but let's not forget all those other creatures out there in the world! Cats, dogs, horse, hamsters... a bit of everything!

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