Is Jeff Goldblum Dead?

Well if you were on the Twitter the other day you probably noticed all the fake deaths of celebrities including Jeff Goldblum. I myself was even convinced... that is until I saw this clip from Stephen Colbert...

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Fat Chick Falls Off Table

Poor Scarlet takes more than a tumble in this Youtube classic... I am sure you can guess what happens to this rather portly girl singing on top of a table. Thank god for instant replay... I could have seen it a few more times : )

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Fireworks Fail

I don't know what the hell this guy was trying to do in the first place with this stunt, but I don't think the firework was supposed to go there...

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If You Don't Send This To Five People...

We have all got those chain e-mails where they tell you if you don't send this to everyone in your inbox the rest of your life will be a disaster. Well apparently this guy didn't forward that e-mail...

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Greatest Freak Out Ever

This video shows us all why we should never let our children play World of Warcraft. Watch how this poor kid acts after his mom cancels his WOW account... Quite possibly the best freak out ever caught on tape and now his is a Youtube legend : )

Here is another classic freakout this time it is all about the Myspace freakout... Watch out this kid has a potty mouth...

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Third Date With Will Ferrell

Will Ferrell and Funny Or Die do it again with this funny viral video. Check out Will Ferrell's pad, I knew he was rich... but WOW!

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Conan And Slash Go Guitar Shopping On Craiglist

I am sure everyone knows that there are a bunch of weirdos on Craiglist, but here is proof. Watch the wackos that Conan O'brien and Slash from Guns and Roses run into while shopping for a new Guitar...

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Arite Lange On Joe Buck

Up next here at The World's Funniest Videos is a hilarious interview of Arite Lange on the Joe Buck Live show... I won't ruin it for you... just watch...

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Weird Al Yankovic Craigslist

I gotta admit, Weird All Yankovic was like my favorite artist growing up... with songs like Fat and Like A Surgeon how can you go wrong? How bout Addicted To Spuds or Stop Dragging My Car Around... Ah those were the good old days... Well he is back for more with his brand new song called Craigslist... Weird Al's still got it!

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News Clip Fail

You gotta love it when news people screw up... This is one of the best news bloopers out there!

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Scary Funny Video

Everybody loves a good prank video! Watch as these unsuspecting victims get the you know what scared right out of them!

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The Erotic Cartoonist

This guy has really got some guts pulling a prank like this one. Watch as he invites women to get a free characature... with a sexy twist! Watch out this video can be considered not suitable for work.

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Coke And Mentos

This is one of the best clips under 30 seconds anywhere on the Internet. Watch as this genius mixes Coke and Mentos tries to make the bottle explode... hilarious!

Since that last video was a short we are gonna hook u up with a twofer... The guys laugh in this next one really makes it for me!

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America's Funniest Home Videos Uncensored

Watch out kiddies this next clip contains some footage that is not suitable for virgin eyes. Get ready for Steve Carell in America's Funniest Home Videos Uncensored... Enjoy!

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Ferrell & Samberg In Cool Guys Don't Look At Explosions

In case you missed it during the MTV Movie Awards this is a little song made up by Will Ferrell as Neil Diamond and Andy Samberg as what I am thinking it Bruce Springsteen... Here is the instant classic Cool Guys Don't Look At Explosion... I gotta say it is quite catchy!

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Will Ferrell In Man Vs. Wild

The full episode of Man Vs. Wild was set to air tonight at 10pm. Did anyone catch it? I really can't believe Will Ferrell would do a show like this. Here is the full episode of Will Ferrell and Bear Grylls in Man Vs. Wild!

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Eminem & Bruno At The MTV Movie Awards

In case you missed it last night at the MTV Movie Awards Bruno AKA Sacha Cohen, made quite the entrance as he flew in like a graceful angel... Then it all went horribly wrong and Eminem ended up being the butt end of the joke! Just watch...

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