The Roast Of Facebook

Twitter, Google and Myspace team up in this star studded cast to roast The Facebook... Starring Penn Jillette, Gilbert Gottfried, and Lisa Lampanelli!

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God Reschedules Rapture

I guess he/she is a pretty busy guy/gal : ) The rapture will have to wait...

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Kobe Byrant's Post Game Meltdown

I know it is a little late on this one... But it is pretty good... I really hate Kobe Byrant... I am glad they lost : )

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Streaker Fail

Everybody loves a good streaking video, but this one is extra funny : ) Up for consideration in the top fail of 2011... Impressive... very impressive...

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The Navy Seal Who Killed Osama Bin Laden

Rob Riggle stars as the man who killed Osama Bin Laden... Whoot Whoot!!! Watch folks this one is NSFW...

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Happy Mother's Day

Thanks for putting up with all our collective crap...

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How to Stop Cats From Pissing on your Car

I never knew it could be so easy to stop MY cat from pissing all over the place... Works great!!! 5 stars!!!

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