Mariah Carey Throws First Pitch In Japan

This clip has been spreading around the net like crazy since it happened just a couple days ago. This might just go down as the worst first pitch ever! Mariah Carey's form was perfect, but I think she needs just a bit more power...

Ok so Mariah Carey's pitch was pretty bad, but check out this first pitch by the Mayor of Cinncinati! Tough to say which one is worse! What do you think?

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Stephen Colbert Reports On Inside Edition With Bill O'Reilly

I am sure most of you have now seen the famous Bill O'Reilly Inside Edition clip from about 20 years ago. Who would have known though that Stephen Colbert had a similar incident when he was a small timer... Watch out this clip you are about to see is full of graphic language!

What do you think of Bill's big blowup? Here is a bit more from Stephen Colbert and big papa bear, Bill O'Reilly. This time Bill is on Stephen's home turf!

Here is part 2 of the interview...

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The Amazing Dancing Bird Snowball

Who knew these birds had such talent? One day we might even see some of these on Dancing With The Stars...

This next one is a classic, watch as Snowball dances to the song Another One Bites The Dusk by Queen! Looks like this bird might have a future with the Rockettes!

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There Can Only Be One!

From Saturday Night Live this sketch pokes fun at the NBA playoffs commercials and the seamlessly never ending election. Hilary Vs. Obama... There can be only one!

This next clip is a real classic from SNL, it features Dana Carvey as George Bush Senior and Will Ferrell as George W. Bush. They are out in the woods on a hunting trip... I gotta say they both do a great impression!

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The Stephen Colbert Rain Dance Off!

What you are about to see is one of the most epic recent moments in television! Stephen Colbert recently challenged Korean pop singer and movie star Rain to the battle of all battles. Get ready to be amazed as you watch one of the best dance offs of all time...

Here is how it all got started... Stephen Colbert challenges Rain to a Dance-off!

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The Funniest Cat Video In The World

That's right, Youtube has spoken and the funniest cat video you will ever see is below. I hope it lives up to it name : )

If you enjoyed that one you should check out Funny Cats, if you are still looking for a bit more, well how about fashion models falling down on the runway? Everybody loves a good fall and they certainly did pick the right music for this one...

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The Japanese Version Of The Office

This clip just aired on Saturday Night Live on 5/17/08 and I just can't help but share it with you in case you missed it. Sorry about the ad in the video, but this way I know it won't be pulled. Ricky Gervais presents the inspiration for The Office... This one is for all you Japanese viewers!

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Can't Stop Laughing

Since this is The World's Funniest Videos, we have a clip all the way from Germany! Watch as this weather girl has a bit of a problem with her daily report...

Next up, from the TV talk show Boemerang, the host, Erik Hartman can not keep a straight face after hearing how one of his guests talks. In fact, he just can't stopping laughing at the poor guy through the whole interview! I don't know if this was staged or not...

Next up we have a collection of clips from a couple television programs and the news... You guessed it, they all can't stop laughing!

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Sumo Car Wash!

I am sure you have all seen one of those sexy commercial with the half naked women washing a car right? Well, this is not one of those videos...

I don't know, for some reason this doesn't really make me want to go out and by a car, but whatever, it's their advertising dollar! The music is Fire in the disco by electric six in case you were wondering.

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Homeless James Bond & Super Size Me

I guess every good movie series seems to take it just one movie too far... Well, I am afraid James Bond is no exception. Here is a clip from the new James Bond movie!

This next one is another parody on a famous movie. This time it's victim is the documentary about eating nothing but McDonald's in Super Size Me! This video though has a slight twist on that... It is called Super Size me with Whiskey! For god sakes don't try this at home or you will end up like this guy!

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Demetri Martin's Visual Aid

I had actually never heard of Demetri Martin before I saw this clip, but I gotta say he is pretty funny. He kinda looks familiar, but I am not sure from where, either way here you go...

Next up we have Dave Chappelle show off his crib, MTV style! Who knew he lived in such extreme luxury : )

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Will Ferrell Saved By Shaq!

I wish I had a Shaq to save me sometimes : ) In this skit from SNL Will Ferrell is pestered by the cast members of Saturday Night Live until he is rescued by the big man... Shaquille O'Neal!

This next one is about Earth Day... I know I missed it by a few days, but better late then never! Even a hard-core environmentalist like me can see the humor in this one : ) Watch out, not for virgin ears!!

F*ck the Earth Day - Watch more free videos

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Cheech & Chong Nice Dreams

A instant classic when it came of in 1981 Nice Dreams with Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong, this stoner favorite takes us on a journey with two ice cream vendors. Pee Wee Herman makes an appearance along with Timothy Leary in this movie too! Be prepared this is the entire movie...

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College Daze

If you could get inside the typical male college student's head, what would you find? A question that has plagued mankind for generations. Thanks to this breakthrough in technology from College Humor we now finally know... behold, the inner workings of a typical college student...

Have you ever run across one of the commercials for a college on television and it is just the cheesiest thing you have ever seen with fake actors and professors? Well, you ain't seen nothing yet... Welcome to Quendelton State University!

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