The Hot Chick Beer Diet

It really works! This must be how all those supermodels stay so thin! Well... maybe not but this video is still pretty funny!

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Twister Commercial

And they say there is no truth in advertising... The folks at Milton Bradley have finally decided to come clean about the classic game Twister.

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Pants On The Ground The American Idol Sensation

I am not a big fan of American Idol myself, but you just can't deny lyrics as powerful as these! Here is General Larry Platt with Pants On The Ground...

Here is another version this time it is Jimmy Fallon as Neil Young... I think I like the original better, but this isn't bad...

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Conan O'brien Sticks It To NBC

NBC gets what they deserve if you ask me... Conan was always WAY better than Jay Leno, I really can't believe they are pulling Coco from the air... You will be missed Mr. O'brien!

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The Puppy Howl

Cats and Dogs, Cats and Dogs, it seems like the whole internet revolves around them! People just can't get enough, but once you watch this video you will know why : )

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Life Lessons With Mr.T

Who knew that Mr. T knew so much about life! The one thing he forgot is that the human race is keeper of the earth... Other than that I think he covered all the base, how bout u?

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Celebrity Impressions By Josh Robert Thompson

What kind of a comedian has three first names is my question? No worry though this guy is good, everybody loves the Morgan Freeman, but I think the Robert De Niro takes the cake, how bout u?

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The Death Metal Rooster

I can't say that this one is quite as good as the Death Metal Puppy, but still this rooster has got a future in the music biz... After all it is all about looks and nothing about talent these days!

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Best Fails Of 2009

Well just like the World's Funniest Video 2009 we also provide the World's Best Fails 2009 and here they are...  I like the fish one myself, what the hell was that thing? Get ready for the best 7 minutes of your life!

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Little PC Girl Vs. Little Mac Girl

Who will win this epic battle that has been raging on since... well about 2002 if I remember correctly... Watch out folks this one is NSFW!

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Polar Bear Club Fail

Normally I don't like to post two videos in the same day, but I couldn't help but share this one! This is the best cannonball fail I have ever seen! The use of slow motion was much appreciated too!

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No Kissing In Boxing?

I am gonna have to consult the boxing rule book to see if this is legal or not... Either way the guy gets what he deserves in my book!

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World's Funniest Video 2009

Well with the New Years celebration over it is time to tally the votes for the Funniest Video of 2009. This year it was quite close, but the winner with 27% of the vote when to The Fake Lottery Ticket! Congratulations you have been vote the World's Funniest Video 2009!

In a close 2nd place was Sexy Funny Commercials with 24% of the vote! 3rd place went to the Greatest Freak Out with 15%. In the 4th spot was the Funniest DUI Stop with 12% followed by Having A Baby with 10% in 5th. 6th place was Oprah Goes Crazy with 9% and in last was Protect Insurance Companies with less than 1%!

Once again a big congratulations to The Fake Lottery Ticket for winning this years Funniest Video Award! Seven new contestants for the Funniest Video Of 2010 are now in the running! Those videos are Shoes, Hot Chicks Getting Pranked, Drunk Kitty Is Drunk, Two World's Collide, Sniper Prank, Google Wave Pulp Fiction and the Vampire Reunion!

Be sure to cast your vote today for the World's Funniest Video!  You can also check out the results for 2007 and 2008!