Happy Halloween From World's Funniest

There is nothing quite like watching a grown man scream out in terror...

And then there is the guy that hides on the porch trying to scare poor treat or treaters... Well this is for all you kids who have been tricked!

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The Internet Party

Featuring your favorites including Youtube, Myspace, Facebook, Wixipedia, Mapquest, Google and many more... Now you can finally know that age old question of what would happen at an Internet party...

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Will Ferrell As Bush Endorses McCain

Just in case you missed it from last weeks SNL, here is the now famous clip of Will Ferrell as George W. Bush endorsing John McCain for president of the United States. Sorry about all the political stuff lately, but it will all be over soon...

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The McCain Obama Dance Off!

In case you still haven't decided who to vote for this might help. Watch as John McCain and Barack Obama square off in this deadly competition of dance off...

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Summer Fun Is Over

Remember when you were a kid and all you wanted in the summertime was to have a pool? Well this family got their wish, but it didn't quite turn out like they planned...

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The Best Of Terry Tate

First up is the newest in the Terry Tate pain series... I don't know about you but I don't think I need Terry Tate to convince me to vote!

More political action from Terry Tate... This time Sarah Palin is the guilty party... Who the hell can't name a newspaper they read anyways?

This next one is probably the most famous of the Terry Tate collection. This is from the Superbowl commercial from 2003 I believe. Having worked in an office for many years I gotta say there have been more than a few times where I wish there was a Terry Tate in the office...

Finally, ever great player/worker has to go on vacation every once in a while... Even Terry Tate...

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Triumph The Comic Insult Dog At The Debates

I am not quite sure how this dog manages to get into all of these exclusive places, but I guess he has connections. In this clip he is in the spin room at the 3rd and final Presidential debate. Who do you think he is voting for?

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Cat Vs. Toothbrush

I am not much of a cat lover myself, but this was pretty funny! Watch as this kitten viciously attacks this poor defenseless electric toothbrush...

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February 2009 Digital Conversion

Most of you probably already know about the switch over to digital TV that will be happening in February of 2009, but what about our older citizens. Will this really be a seamless transaction? Have a look...

If you thought that one was funny you'll love this next set of bloopers...

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Who Should You Vote For?

Just listen to this hot girl, she seems to know what she is talking about... Apparently her name is Hayden Panettiere, I have never heard of her, but she looks kinda familiar, maybe you know. Watch out virgin ears, this video has a bit of profanity...

Next up is another video from Funny or Die, this one shows us what exactly Joe Biden was thinking during the Vice Presidential debate...

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Worst Best Man In The World!

Somehow I doubt he is still the "Best Man" after pulling something like that! I guess all wedding don't nessesarily start out on the right foot anyways...

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Marky Mark Wahlberg Talks To Animals

Wow SNL has been actually coming out with some decently funny videos of late. First the Sarah Palin with Tina Fey and now the Marky Mark impression. Maybe this is a turning point for them. Anybody know the actor who is in this skit?

Here is a clip from a couple shows later... Marky-Mark as Marky-Mark?

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Triumph Meets David Blaine

I am sure at least some of you have heard about David Blaine latest stunt where he hangs suspended for 7 days. What you probably missed though was the short hour when Triumph the comic insult dog visited him. Here is what happened...
Triumph the insult Dog meets David Blaine.wmv

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Jim Breuer Stand Up And Stoner Olympics

This is some vintage Jim Breuer stand up from The Stress Factory. Damn, you know what, I kinda wish it was Wednesday...

Next up is the Stoner Olympics by Jim Breuer... I don't know about you but I think this would be better than the real thing!

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Homer Simpson Takes A Picture Of Himself Everyday For 39 Years!

I am sure you have run across at least one video of some guy or gal taking a picture of themselves once a day and then posting it up on youtube. Well here is a similar clip only with Homer Simpson... I think this is better than any of those other ones I have seen, although this one is quite impressive!

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Joe Rogan Stand Up

The very funny comedian Joe Rogan explains to us the inner working of exactly how George W. Bush got elected.

Next up is another part from the same act as above. This video is a bit longer, but it's worth it. Listen as he explains to us the devolution of people.

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Even Homer Simpson Votes

I was kinda surprised at who he ended up vote for. This show does air on Fox afterall...

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