Baby Eats First Pop Rocks

O man I remember pop rocks... Those things are like a party in your mouth! I am not sure if this baby likes them or not lol!

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Reporter Vs. Car Window

Either this reporter needs to buff up or this is the toughest car window ever made...

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White Women Workout With Godfrey

Check out this new workout that is all the rage in Southern California! All my friends say it works like a charm... Well all the white ones at least...

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Motorcycle + Merry Go Round = Funny

Leave it to the Germans to come up with something this crazy... Not the smartest, but you will notice that they actually used padding on the motorcycle... Real smart!

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The Growling Dog Remix

It is tough to pick between Pants On The Ground and this one... But I think I am gonna have to go with the dog... How bout u?

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