Very Funny Homevideos

I could do without the Bob Saget commentary, but still these are some hilarious homemade videos. This clip is about ten minutes long so enjoy...

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Sarah Palin Is A Dude!

You know when the National Organization For Women (NOW) doesn't endorse Sarah Palin there is really something wrong with her! Maybe Sarah Palin is nothing more than Bush in drag with lipstick. That would explain why she hardly ever does interviews and her complete lack of intelligence on worldly matters...

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Star Wars Auditions With Christopher Walken

Kevin Spacey does a great job as Christopher Walken playing Hans Solo. If I am not mistaken, that is Kevin Spacey playing Walter Matthau who is playing Obi Wan Kenobi too. Not sure about the actor who plays C3P0 though... Either way it is very funny have a look!

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Epic Pain

One of the worse crotch shots I have ever seen taken... That was just plain brutal!

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Slow Motion Punches

You might want to break out the bong before watching this video... From the crew over at College Humor this is a trippy clip of people getting punched in the face in slow motion. Trust me this won't disappoint, have a look...

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The Home Stretch For The World's Funniest Video 2008

Well the polls are close for the 3rd quarter 2008 and the surprise victor is The Fruitcake Lady with 37% of the vote! In a distant second was Chris Farley Picking Up Chicks with 19%. Next up was the 2nd quarters champion World's Funniest Kids which this time around only managed 14% of the vote. In forth place was the ever present Jim Carrey As Rocky Balboa with 9%. Fifth place went to Stephen Colbert Vs. Rain with 8% of the votes. In sixth place was the Sumo Car Wash with 5% of the vote and rounding out the list was College Daze which only managed to get 4% of the vote!

As always here at The World's Funniest Video, the top four videos will go on to the next round and 3 new videos will be introduced to the running. Those videos are George Carlin A Comedic Genius, David Blaine On The Loose and Fact Checker With Bill Murray! Make sure to cast your vote for your favorite video and get ready for the big winner which will be announced on New Years!

The Best Of Dr. Phil And Oprah On Madd TV

Never go against Oprah's favorite things or this will happen to you...

This is my favorite Dr. Phil and Oprah skit from Madd TV... Just wait till the end...

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From the Stephen Colbert Report this is threatdown! Today's number one threat is none other than icebergs... But personally I think number 5 should have been the top threat!

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Professor Wikipedia

Here is a video that shows you what would happen if your Professor was Wixipedia. This will be the funniest video you have ever seen (citation needed)...

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Tina Fey As Sarah Palin On SNL

You have to admit she looks and talks just like her... I can only hope that this is not a long term role for Tina Fey if you know what I mean : ) O yeah and if there is an ad running before the video, I apologize, but that is Hulu for ya...

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Will Smith And This German Dude Perform Men In Black

I am sure most of you have seen the blockbuster Men In Black with Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, but you might have missed this musically number that went along with the film. Enjoy...

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Stripping Down Sarah Palin

Who is the real Sarah Palin? Find out in this exclusive interview from Funny Or Die. All I can say is God help us if McCain wins, I am surprised that we didn't learn anything from these past eight years...

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Bill Gates And Jerry Seinfeld Team Up

I am not too sure about this latest advertising push by Microsoft. I can really say it makes me want to switch to Vista, but Jerry Seinfeld is still a very funny guy. Let me know what you think about this very strange video...

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Samuel L Jackson Titanic Scene

Who knew that Samuel L Jackson had a chance to take Leonardo Dicaprio starring role in the blockbuster Titanic. Here is Samuel in a never before seen screen test with Kate Winslet...

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Wienerschnitzel Gotcha

This is a commercial I ran across on Youtube for Wienerschnitzel, for some reason I doubt it every made it to TV here in the states, but maybe you have seen it before...

Here is another commercial for Wienerschnitzel... Enjoy!

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Triumph At The Republican National Convention

One of our favorites here at The World's Funniest Videos, Triumph The Comic Insult Dog made his way to St. Paul, Minnesota to get a glimpse of what it is really like at the Republican National Convention. Here is what happened...

Here is part two from St. Paul of the series. Get it while it last, because you know NBC doesn't want people to actually watch there clips so they don't put them on Youtube : )

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A Really Bad Kegstand

You know most kegstand in my humble opinion are a bad idea, but how will you really know until you see it for yourself. Get ready for the worse kegstand (I hope) of this poor kids life...

Keg-Stand Faceplant

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An Apology On Behave Of All Canadians

This clip is just for all of our Canadian viewers to the North. It stars your beloved Colin Mochrie, we have had this apology coming for a long time now. Apology accepted...

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Fact Checker Unit With Bill Murray

A viral video that has slipped through the cracks here at The World's Funniest Videos. This was released about a year ago and stars Wixipedia and Bill Murray...

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The Photo Booth Prank

I am sure you have all seen those photo booth at the mall, but I bet you haven't been in one quite like this. Get ready for the photo booth that talks back...

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