Brostitute Starring Tim Roth

This eye opening documentary take us deep inside the sick world that is Brostitution... Watch out folks this one is not suitable for work...

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Chris Farley As Santa Claus

Poor Santa has hit some hard times... You wouldn't believe where he is living now a days...

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Will Ferrell Peace On Earth

Just in time for Christmas Will Ferrell teams up with his sidekick John C. Reilly for this very funny video...

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News Fails

These are some of the best news fails from 2010.. Enjoy : )

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The Atheist Football Player

I posted this one for the big girl upstairs... I think even she has a sense of humor?

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Epic Fails Compilation

I just can't help but laugh at some of these... Others I just cringe... Get ready for some serious pain...

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Watermelon To The Face

This has to be one of the most painful videos I have ever seen courtesy of The Amazing Race... I am not sure how she survived lol

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Ghostbusters 4

Just when you thought you would never see another Ghostbusters movies here they go again!!

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Shocking Animal Video!!

Don't worry animal lovers this one is probably not what you think...

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Bruce Willis Is Between Two Ferns With Zach Galifianakis

In this latest installment of Between Two Ferns, Zach interviews the mega superstar Bruce Willis... Who knew there was so much pain behind those eyes...

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Fabio The Imaginary Friend With John Daly

Boy I kinda wish Fabio was my imaginary friend... Looks like we would have a blast...

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Twilight With Cheeseburgers

Yet another Twilight parody... I am sorry, but it just doesn't get old making fun of these movies : )

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The Sexy Conan O'Brien!

Finally I have a reason to watch TBS!!! Mr. Conan O'brien is back... and sexier then ever apparently...

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Paranormal Activity 2 Trailer (honest version)

Personally I thought that Paranormal Activity was a pretty good movie... but apparently the folks at Funny Or Die thought a bit different about the idea of a sequel...

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Every Little Step - Mike Tyson & Wayne Brady

It took me a second or two to recognize the song... but then I starting singing right along : ) Mike Tyson is a nice touch...

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Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis, Conan O'Brien & Andy Richter

Ok I saw the previous Between Two Ferns with Sean Penn and I thought that was funny, but Conan O'Brien in pretty much anything takes the cake...

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The Barrel Roll Dog

I guess these two dogs really don't like each other... Here is the now famous Barrel Roll Dog...

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Ground Zero Mosque

Ok I was a little torn on whether or not we should allow a Mosque "around" ground zero... but after seeing this I am thinking that maybe we should let them have their mosque...

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Between Two Ferns Starring Sean Penn

Sean Penn stars in this video with Zach Galifianakis... One of them is gay... I am just not sure which?

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Votes For The World's Funniest Video 2010 Are In!

We are done tallying the votes for the World's Funniest Video 2010 3rd quarter and here are the results. In first place with 30% of the vote was Hot Chicks Pranked, can you blame em really? In second was Drunk Kitty Is Drunk with 24%. Third place went to Sniper Prank with 13%, while 4th place was The Presidential Reunion with 12%. Right behind them in 6th place was the Epic Mouse with 11% of the votes. Apparently not too many people cared for Shoes which only got 5% of the vote and came in 7th. Last place went to Forehead Tittaes with only 3% of the vote.

As always the top 4 videos continue on to the next round and we have three new video challengers, Wax On With Ralph Macchio, Twitter Movie Trailer or One Too Many Flips!

Is Barack Obama a Muslim?

There has been much debate about what religion President Obama is, but I think Jimmy Kimmel has finally settled this whole mess...

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Twitter Movie Trailer

The internet sensation that is Twitter is finally coming to the big screen... Tweet away my friends... Tweet away...

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Eva Mendes Tape

Hmmm... Looks like a useful product... Like Duct Tape, it fixes... EVERYTHING!

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The Truth About Back To The Future

O how little we knew in the 80s when things were so very simple... Check out this clip from Cracked about the classic Back To The Future... There was some weird stuff going on in that movie!

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One Too Many Flips?

The form was a little off... but he REALLY stuck the landing!

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Six Degrees Of George W. Bush

Ah the blame game, no one plays it quite better than Fox News... Funny stuff... Sick and wrong... but funny none the less...

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Gandalf Goes To The World Cup

I never knew what those noise makers all the football fans used until this video... Thank you Youtube, now I finally know what a vuvuzela is...

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Funny Prom Date

I can't say that I have ever tried Orbitz gum before, but after this little skit starring Will Arnett, Jason Bateman, Rachel Harris and Aubrey Plaza I might just have to try a piece.

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The BP Coffee Spill

Hmmm... Perhaps a shut off for the coffee pot would have worked... I guess we will never know...

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Wax On With Ralph Macchio

Poor Karate Kid will never be able to turn to the dark side of Hollywood... Or will he? Starring Molly Ringwald, Kevin Connolly and of course... Daniel Son...

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Denise Richards Party

After watching Denise Richards in this commercial you are gonna want to check out her parties too... 

BTW folks this is our 600th post here at The World's Funniest Videos so don't forgot to check out all that we have to offer in our video archive!

Mad Man Drummer Is At The Wrong Gig

Ok this drummer has got to be the craziest I have ever seen... A real unorthodox style that is for sure... What do you think?

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Baby Eats First Pop Rocks

O man I remember pop rocks... Those things are like a party in your mouth! I am not sure if this baby likes them or not lol!

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Reporter Vs. Car Window

Either this reporter needs to buff up or this is the toughest car window ever made...

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White Women Workout With Godfrey

Check out this new workout that is all the rage in Southern California! All my friends say it works like a charm... Well all the white ones at least...

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Motorcycle + Merry Go Round = Funny

Leave it to the Germans to come up with something this crazy... Not the smartest, but you will notice that they actually used padding on the motorcycle... Real smart!

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The Growling Dog Remix

It is tough to pick between Pants On The Ground and this one... But I think I am gonna have to go with the dog... How bout u?

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The Cupcake Cannon

Ok who else wants one? What better way to vanquish your enemies then to have them die covered in frosting?

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Conan O'brien Lever

I miss Conan!!!! I think I heard that he signed up with TBS? Anybody know when his new show starts? I hope he brings back the Lever Of Destiny...

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Zombie America

The very funny Ed Helms and the folks at Funny Or Die are responsible for this next set of videos... Let me tell ya, it ain't easy being a Zombie!

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Internet Distractions

That pesky Microsoft Word is always getting in the way... Doesn't he know we have work to do?!

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World's Funniest Video 2010 1st Quarter

Well it's that time again here at The World's Funniest Videos... You have spoken... And the clear winner for this round is Hot Chicks Pranked with 39% of the vote... I can't say I blame you...

2nd place went to Drunk Kitty Is Drunk with 21% followed by the Sniper Prank with 13% and Shoes with 11%.  Theses four video will go on to the next round in the hunt for The World's Funniest Video 2010 along with three new nominees. 

Let's give a round of applause to our runners up.  In fifth place was Vampire Reunion with 9%.  Sixth went to Google Wave Pulp Fiction with only 3% and last and certainly least Two World's Collide with a pathatic 2% of the vote!

The three new nominees for World's Funniest are Forehead Tittaes, The Presidential Reunion and The Epic Mouse.  Be sure to cast your vote for the World's Funniest Video on the side!  Good luck to all our contestants!

Flex: Old Spice Style

I saw this commercial last night during the Michigan State vs. Butler game and I knew at that moment it must be posted here... No words can describe... Just enjoy!

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Cat Reacts To Car Accident

I can see exactly what this cat is thinking and it boils down to just three letters... O... M... G...

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Weird: The Al Yankovic Story

I gotta admit I was a HUGE Weird Al fan growing up... I even saw him in concert! It would be good if this was a real movie... Looks pretty funny : )

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Bryan Cranston In Sense Of Smell

Anyone who loves the show Malcolm In The Middle or just appreciates a good fart joke will like this next video starring Bryan Cranston... Poor guy just came back from Iraq and THIS is what he has to put up with!

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Intense Mentos Commercial

Mentos makes everything better... And really helps with the ladies too... The don't call it the fresh maker for nothing!

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Marion Cotillard's New Product For Women

Leave it to the french to come up with forehead tittaes... For some reason though, I could see how this would work...

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Video Game Villians Have Problems Too!

The incompetent help can't even stop one single guy?! Doesn't anyone else see a pattern with this? Love the ending...

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Dave Chappelle The Security Guard

I am guessing this next one was from The Chappelle Show... In this skit Dave plays Gary Coleman the security guard... Funny stuff...

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