Unexpected Divorce Intro

Who knew getting a divorce could be so much fun! Some of you might want to start on the bottom video if you haven't seen the original yet : )

If you are wondering how their wedding started... Well here you go, the original JK Wedding Entrance Dance! They started out so damn happy... WHAT HAPPENED?

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Never Try And Out Run The Cops On A Tractor

Ah... there is nothing quite like a good drunk guy on a tractor video! This cop has an easy job, just waiting on the country road for somebody to fly by in their tractor with a big bottle of whiskey.

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The Indecent Proposal

This guy gets tested right before his big wedding day... What do you say, did he pass the test?

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Stephen Colbert And John Stewart Take On Universal Health Care

Well I know one thing, I am uninsured, but can we really afford to provide health care for the ENTIRE UNIVERSE? Colbert and Stewart battle out the issues... sort of...

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The New Guy

I am a sucker for wildlife so I couldn't help but post this next video. We have all been in this situation in the office I would imagine... Well... Something like this...

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Snoop Dogg's Heineken Parody

I am sure by now most of you have seen the classic Heineken Closet Commercial, but you probably haven't seen this version yet. This is the Snoop Dogg version so I am sure you can imagine...

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Andrew W K And Conan O'brien

I gotta say both Andrew and Conan have some sweet dance moves... It is tough to say which one is better : ) What ever happened to Andrew W K anyways... All I remember is Party Till You Puke!!!

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Instant Karma

Watch as this idiot makes fun of this poor guy trying to film a short spot on the stairs. I guess karma does catch up with everyone eventually... Thank god for instant slow motion replay...

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Super Talkative Baby

I guess this goes to show you that some women are just born this way! Sometimes I think they just like to hear the sound of their voice : ) Cute baby though...

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Kevin Spacey Does Impersonations

We all know Kevin Spacey is a talented actor, but did you know that he does impressions too? Listen as he does several famous characters including Clint Eastwood, Al Pacino, Christopher Walken, and more! This is from Inside The Actors Study with James Lipton...

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Jim Henson's Resident Evil 5

Just when you thought all the zombies were dead... Well of course there is always more in the Resident Evil series, including this latest movie, Resident Evil 5 with the Muppets.

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Hilarious Prank

This next prank from The World's Funniest Video is a classic from the show Just For Laughs. These poor people just had to go to the bathroom... I guess that's what you get for trusting a porta potty...

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Roller Babies

These babies are simply amazing on roller skates, just look at these moves! I wonder who taught them, cause I doubt highly it had anything to do with the water : )

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Sacha Cohen "Bruno" On Letterman

In case you missed this interview the other night on David Letterman you gotta see it! Sacha Baron Cohen tells the story how you interview a terrorist... Has anyone seen Bruno yet?

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The Votes Are In For The World's Funniest Video!

This time around the votes for the World's Funniest Video were much closer. In first place was Sexy Funny Commercials bringing in an impressive 28% of the vote. Next up was the Funniest DUI Stop Ever with 18% in second. In third place was Oprah Goes Crazy with 13% of the vote. In a close forth place was The Colonel With Mel Gibson with 12%. Fifth place went to Star Was According To A Kid with 10%. Rounding out the bottom were The Taco Bell Run with 9% and in last place Beware The Doghouse with only 7% of the vote.
The top four videos will stay in the running for the World's Funniest Video 2009 and we will add in three new videos to the mix. Those videos are, The Greatest Freakout, Mow The Lawn and We Didn't Start The Flame War! As always you can cast your vote on the side and stay tuned to see which one becomes The World's Funniest Video 2009!

Funny News Bloopers

Get ready for seven minutes of the funniest news bloopers ever caught on tape! My only question is why are there so many from Fox News? Here I thought they were professionals over there ; )

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Throwing Shoes At The Devil

Just wait till the 2 minute mark if you can make it that far.... Religious people can be insane... no doubt. The Bush reference was a nice touch though!

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Herbal Essence For Men

I am sure by now you have seen those sexy Herbal Essence commercials with the women in the shower REALLY enjoying the shampoo. Well I am sure a few of you men out there wondered when they would come out with a kind specially designed for men... Well wait no longer...

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