Merry Christmas From The World's Funniest Videos!

I am sure most of you may remember the mad craze that was Tickle Me Elmo... Will I guess they are starting to get really desperate... Check out this new toy!

Next up is a Christmas classic! It is a Charlie Brown Christmas with a twist... It is all performed by the cast of the TV show Scrubs... Hilarious!

Last up is a meeting between our President George W. Bush and the big man himself... Santa Claus! Merry Christmas!

For more holiday fun check out what Jim Gaffigan thinks about the holidays or watch Santa take a bad spill!

The World's Funniest Kids?

Well I am not sure if I have seen every single video out there, so I really can't say for sure, but these two kids are pretty hilarious... This one sounds like it should be on Britain's Funniest Home Videos with the heavy accent. "Charles Bit Me"

This next one is from here in The States. I won't ruin it for you, so just watch...

Last up is one just for the holidays! This is one of the most priceless reactions to a present I have every seen... I guess he got the right gift : )

Which one did you think was the best? #1, #2 or #3? Leave your vote in the comments below. For more funny kids from The World's Funniest Videos check out these hilarious birthday moments or watch these poor helpless sleeping people!

No Pain No Gain

Not sure what exactly these people gain, but we do get a nice laugh out of it...

Feel their pain! The Donkey one has to be my favorite... But there all worth the view!

This is what happens when animals attack!

For more funny homemade videos check out this post or check out The Office bloopers!

Jim Gaffigan Explains The Holidays And Hot Pockets

Just in time for the holidays comedian Jim Gaffigan gives us a hilarious look on Christmas and all the other holidays... If you think about it they are all pretty ridiculous!

Next up Jim Gaffigan explains to us the cultural phenomenon that is the hot pocket! I don't know I kinda like em... maybe the ham and cheese...

For more funny stand-up from The World's Funniest Videos check out Lewis Black Vs. Richard Jeni or these painfully funny videos!

Robin Williams On Viagra!

Hmmm maybe I should have worded that differently? Nah, I guess that will work... either way this clip from Robin Wiliams stand-up act is just hilarious! Watch out though it is certainly not for virgin ears...

Since this is a worldly site I am just going to appoligize to the French right now... but you have to admit this is pretty funny stuff!

For more from Robin Williams check out this post or check out these cruel but funny tricks!

Funny Cats A Plenty...

Once again there is just a ton of cat videos out there compared to the dog videos! Send us your funny dog clips so we can even out the balance. Don't get me wrong cats can be funny, take this clip for example...

Sure cats can be pretty funny, but let's not forget all those other creatures out there in the world! Cats, dogs, horse, hamsters... a bit of everything!

Want more funny animals from The World's Funniest Video? If so check out this post or these funny fishing videos!

Dave Chappelle & White People

Dave Chappelle is not afraid to make fun of different races as anyone who watches his show would know. This skit is no exception, and what he uncovers is just so true! Watch out these videos do have a bit of profanity...

One is never enough, and I know we missed out on the Native Americans the first time around, so here we go with more from Dave Chappelle...

For even more Dave Chappelle check out Prince Vs. Charlie Murphy or for something different from The World's Funniest Videos check out these hilarious moments caught on tape!

The Best Of Jay Leno

Starting it out with one of my favorite parts of the show headlines! This is a compilation from a few different shows... The stupid criminal one has to be the best!

Next up is a classic from one of his appearances on David Letterman... Classic!

I never though Jay's monologues were anything too spectacular, but the early stand-up routine is pretty hilarious. This act is from Just For Laughs back in 1985...

Want more? Check out The Best Of Kids In The Hall or these great dance-offs!

Clever Pranks

Not sure what language this one is in, but don't worry all you english viewers it does have subtitles! You gotta wonder what is going through these peoples heads... funny stuff!

Absolutely Hilarious Bathroom Mirror Prank - Watch more free videos

Next up is a good variety of pranks that you can pull. There is nothing like a good scare pranks to put a smile on your face... The police on though has to be my favorite!

For more pranks from The World's Funniest Videos check out this post or check out these classics from SNL!

The World's Funniest Video 2007 Is...

Sorry your going to have to wait till December 31, 2007 for that one, but you can help choose which videos is the funniest for this year by casting your vote on the side!

Last months results are in and to no surprise The Landlord Pearl came in #1 with 61% of the votes! #2 was Dave Chappelle & Wayne Brady with 9%, Jim Carey As Rocky at #3 with a close 8% of the vote, 4th was Robin Williams Standup with 7%, Sexy Dress Prank with 6% in 5th, David Letterman working fastfood at 6th with only 4% and finally rounding out the bottom is Phil Hartman with 2%.

The top 4 videos will continue on and we will add three more videos to the running to become The World's Funniest Video 2007! The three new entries are The Best Of Kids In The Hall, Girl's Behaving Like Men and For All You Harry Potter Fans. Let your voice be heard and cast your vote today!

America Does Have Some Pretty Funny Videos

First up is a lot of trampoline fun and some other very painful experiences... I gotta wonder what these people were thinking in some of these clips? Music courtesy of Cypress Hill!

This one is especially design for all of our German viewers here at The World's Funniest Videos. It has a bit of subtitles in it just for you! 7 minutes of hilarious action... the falls at the end have to be the best in my opinion.

Please let us know in the comments below if you think one of these videos should be in the running for The World's Funniest! For more check out this classic moment in television or view The Reigning World's Funniest Video Will Ferrell and his landlord Pearl!

The Best Of Conan O'Brien

This first clip is some of the funniest moments ever from Late Night With Conan O'Brien! It includes some classics and some newer stuff...

This next clip is when Conan has the host of the Weakest Link on his program.... This time he turns the tables on her!

Conan O'Brien - The Weakest Link - Watch the top videos of the week here

Last up here at The World's Funniest Videos is Conan O'Brien goes Bird Watching... Hmmm Bushtit... opens up all kinds of new meanings!

For more late night fun check out David Letterman working at McDonald's or for something a little different watch these bloopers from the show The Office!

Happy Halloween From The World's Funniest!

It's is that time of year again... In honor of the great day that is Halloween here are some poor people being scared just for your enjoyment! Tough to pick a favorite, which one did you like?

If you think that was good your gonna love these next ones... I think I am going to have to invest in an electric mouse!

Hope everyone had a blast this year! For more from The World's Funniest check out these hilarious pranks or these hilarious reactions!

The Best Of Kids In The Hall

First up is a classic skit that some of us might be able to relate to... It's called Daddy Drank! Enjoy...

Next up it is one of my favorite skits from Kids In The Hall. This one is simply called the beard...

Finally this is probably one of the more recognizable skits from Kids In The Hall, the head crusher! An instant classic from The Great North...

For more from The World's Funniest Videos check out Pinata Pain or another classic from the 90s Homey Don't Play Dat!

The World's Funniest Comedian!

The votes are in for the stand-up battles here at The World's Funniest Videos.

George Carlin Over Denis Leary 59% To 41%

Kevin James Beat Stephen Write By A Small Margin On 56% To 44%

Dave Chappelle Won In A Surprise Victory Over Jerry Seinfeld 64% To 36%

In A Landslide Lewis Black Destroys Richard Jeni 82% To 18%

Stay tuned to the site for the next round when George Carlin takes on Dave Chappelle and Lewis Black is up against Kevin James! Voting starts soon!

This One Is For All You Harry Potter Fans!

The Harry Potter series has swept across the world the last few years, and has captured the imagination of the young and old! For all you die-hard fans that are itching for the next big thing here you go, I bet you haven't seen this never behind the scenes look... behold the Harry Potter Rap!

I know you want more after that so here is Harry Potter in the hood... hilarious!

For more from The World's Funniest Videos check out Jim Carey and Will Ferrell together at last or laugh at these outrageous Letterman moments!

Andy Kaufman Vs. Jerry Lawler

This is probably the most famous Andy Kaufman video there is! This is taken from The David Letterman program and involves Andy Kaufman and the wrestler Jerry Lawler. I bet he still hasn't lived this moment down!

What do you think was the whole thing staged from the beginning?

For more of The World's Funniest Videos check out Dave Chappelle Vs. Jerry Seinfeld or find out just how much cowbell it takes!

Norm MacDonald On Conan O'Brien

This is a classic Conan interview from way back when. Conan is interviewing the lovely Courtney Thorne-Smith from the popular 90's show Melrose place. Let's just say Norm steals the show...

One is never enough here at The World's Funniest Videos so check out this vintage clip or early stand-up from Mr. Norm MacDonald. What ever happened to this guy anyways? After the movie dirty work I haven't heard anything...

For more funny stand-up check out Kevin James and Stephen Wright or for more Conan check out this post!

Homey Don't Play Dat!

From the popular 90's show In Living Color, this is a clip of the classic character Homey The Clown. This is Homey Claus... I know it's a little early in the season but...

Next up is one of the funniest skits from In Living Color I have ever seen! This one stars Jim Carey as the Juice Maniac! I don't know about you but I am sold on this infomercial...

Finally, this is the Honeymooners meets Fire Marshall Bill! Hilarious video... who knew In Living Color could be so funny?

For more fun from the 90's check out the best of Fire Marshall Bill or find out why it sucks to be a ref!

The Award For The World's Funniest Video Goes To

For a second month straight The Landlord Pearl ellipses the competition with an amazing 62% of the vote to once again become The World's Funniest Video. All of the other contenders were not even close with 2nd place going to Jim Carey As Rocky with only 8%, Dave Chappelle and Wayne Brady and The Sexy Dress Prank tied for 3rd getting 7% of the votes each.

In fifth place is the Will Ferrell skit Good Cop Bad Cop with 6% of the votes. In sixth place is The Best of Chris Farley with only 5% and in last place is The Coffee Test with a pathetic 2% of the vote.

Normally the top three videos would go on to the next round, but since there is a tie we have decided to keep the top four in the running to become The World's Funniest Video. Three new videos will be added to the list and those are David Letterman Working, Phil Hartman's Best and Robin Williams stand-up!

So what are you waiting for cast your vote today! Just look to the sidebar for details...

David Letterman Working At McDonalds

I wonder how many customers McDonald's lost this day? This is classic David Letterman as you can tell by the cars going through the drive-thru! What would you do in this situation?

Next time up Dave is working at a Taco Bell Drive-Thru... This one is a little better cause you can actually see the faces of the poor people that just wanted to eat a quick lunch! "She's gone already chief!"... just hilarious!

Please vote by commenting below if you think this should be in the running for The World's Funniest Video! You can also view more from David Letterman, this time with John Stewart here or find out why women and beer don't mix!

Jim Carrey At Meryl Streep Tribute

Very funny speech from one of the most talented men on the planet, Mr James Carrey! This clip is from a tribute show to the great actress Meryl Streep... Jim does a few great impressions and even does a song and dance!

This next video involves Jim Carrey as well! This one is straight from The Late Show With David Letterman... I won't ruin it for you, your just going to have to watch!

For more Jim Carrey check out Jim and Willie or for more Letterman watch these unforgettable moments!

Some Of The Funniest Moment From The Daily Show

First up it is Back In Black with Lewis Black... one of my favorite segments from the show. In this clip he explains to us just how important celebrities are in combating climate change...

Next up is something ripped from the headlines... that's right OJ is on the run again and The Daily Show has the inside scope on that and Hilary's new health care plan!

For more from The World's Funniest Videos check out Robin Williams at his best or more from Lewis Black!

Girls Behaving Like Men

Much to the surprise of these unsuspecting elevator visitors... Sure it starts out like love in an elevator, but turns into the tomb of no escape!

This next prank is from the TV show Girls Behaving Badly, it features the beautiful Brooke Burke and has two poor male victims... I won't ruin it for you, enjoy!

For more pranks from The World's Funniest Videos check out this post or these funny adverts!

The Best Of Phil Hartman

He was one of my favorite comedians of all time and it was a real shame that he was taken before his time. Here are a couple of his finer moments in my eyes.

First up is a clip from Saturday Night Live. In this one Phil Hartman plays President Clinton to a tee. This has to be one of my favorite skits from the once funny show...

Next is a clip from his days as the unfrozen caveman lawyer!

This next clip is from The Simpsons. In case you didn't know it Phil Hartman was a frequent guess on the show. In this video he is Lionel Hutz attorney at law...

For more from The World's Funniest Videos check out these funny fishing videos or watch The Simpson going crazy!

The Roast Of Denis Leary And Others

This first one features Dane Cook poking fun at pretty much everyone on the stage at the Denis Leary roast. I am not too familiar with Dane Cook, but he is actually quite funny...

Next up it is the roast of William Shatner. From the Golden Girls among other things, Betty White rips into Mr. Shanter with reckless abandon! She's still got it...

For more from The World's Funniest Videos check out these hilarious pranks or the latest installment in the Landlord Pearl series with Will Ferrell Good Cop, Bad Cop!

Hilarious Pranks From Various Pranksters

Nowadays a lot of people are spending less time at the pump simply because they can't afford it. Not only are these people getting ripped off by the big oil companies but they have this built in television to deal with...

This next clip I though was pretty hilarious! Imagine you signed up to make a couple extra bucks by going to a focus group... sounds innocent enough right?

For more funny pranks from The World's Funniest Videos check out these from the just for laughs show or this funny blooper from jeopardy!

Some Of The Best Of Robin Williams

This first video is a bit of stand-up from earlier in Robin Williams career. He explains to use the effect that drugs and alcohol can have on us... very funny stuff from this comedic genus!

This next one is much more recent as you can tell from Robin Williams hair... In this clip he is a featured guest on the very funny Who's Line Is It Anyways? I am not so crazy about the singing part, but the beginning skit is hilarious...

For more Robin Wiliams check out this rare footage or watch these painfully funny videos!

Who Do You Think Is The Funniest Stand-Up Comedian?

The votes are in and the results may surprise you...

Denis Leary Is Leading George Carlin 19 To 13 Votes. View Their Battle Here!

Kevin James Is Losing By Just A Hair To Steven Wright 10 To 9 Votes. You Can View Their Battle Here!

Dave Chappelle And Jerry Seinfeld Are Tied With 10 Votes Each. View Their Battle Here!

Lewis Black And Richard Jeni Are Just Getting Started, But Lewis Black Has A Commanding 5 To 1 Lead. Vote This Battle Here!

The Polls Will All Be Re-Set Today As All Of The Results Were Too Close To Call! So Feel Free To Vote Again On Which Comedian You Like Best...

Funny Fishing Videos

Summertime fun always includes some great fishing... Here are a few funny fishing moments caught on tape!

Of course one is never enough here at The World's Funniest Videos, so here you go...

For more check out Triumph at the dog show or these funny bloopers!

Funny Hidden Camera Pranks!

Quite the mean trick, I mean what are you suppose to do when it's a cop?

Next up is another hidden camera prank this time it involves a driving dog... that's right a driving dog...

For more from The World's Funniest Videos check out these hilarious wedding videos or find out the real story behind those movie preview voices!

The Office Bloopers

These are all bloopers from NBC show The Office... enjoy!

And here is season 3 bloopers of The Office!

I guess the only question left to ask is which one of the characters on The Office is your favorite? Please vote in the comments section at the bottom of this post...

For more bloopers from The World's Funniest Videos check out these from In Living Color or check out the funniest dance-offs of all time!

Jon Stewart On Letterman

Talk about a blast from the past! This episode of Late Night With David Letterman was from way back in 1994. As you will see Jon Stewart hasn't changed much...

Here is one of the best duos out the not so fake news, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. This next clip is from the Emmys from the pathetic best reality show category...

For more from The World's Funniest Videos check out the best of Stephen Colbert or some outrageous Letterman moments!

Lewis Black Vs. Richard Jeni

Sit back and enjoy another edition in our ever growing stand-up battles series... This time up it is the veteran from The Daily Show Lewis Black Vs. the political comedian Richard Jeni! Watch out both of these videos do contain a bit of foul language, don't say you weren't warned! First up is Lewis Black...

Next is Richard Jeni...

Which one did you think was funnier? Richard Jeni Or Lewis Black? Cast your vote near the bottom of the page and don't forget you can view all of our stand-up battles here!

For more from The World's Funniest Videos check out RUN FOR IT!!! or these videos for a good laugh!

The Quest For The World's Funniest Video Continues!

The users have spoken and as of now The Landlord Pearl is by far The World's Funniest Video with an amazing 59% of the vote!

Coming in at a distant second was Jim Carey As Rocky with 10% of the vote and Chris Farley in Coffee Test coming in a close third with 9% of the vote.

Rounding out the countdown are Fire Marshall Bill in fourth with 7%, Wedding Mishaps With 5% and The Best Of Stephen Colbert and That's Gotta Hurt tied for last place with a measly 3% each!

The top three above will stay in the running to become The World's Funniest Video and we will enter four new videos into the pack... Those videos will be The Best Of Chris Farley, Good Cop Bad Cop, Dave Chappelle And Wayne Brady, and The Sexy Dress Prank!

Cast Your Vote Today! Just look to the sidebar for the results...

Pinata Pain!

These people really should put on a protective cup before they volunteer to be the one in charge of the pinata... feel their pain!

For more pinata fun check out this next clip from Just For Laughs. It's always fun to make grownups look like idiots!

Which one did you thinking was funnier? #1 or #2? Vote for which you think should be in the running for The World's Funniest Videos!

For more check out Conan on the Canadian Border or these funny prank videos!

Funny Birthday Moments

Ah when your young there is nothing like a good birthday party! Unfortunately not all of them turn out like this...

We don't call it "The World's Funniest Videos" for nothing, if anyone can translate, please do! I don't know about you, but I get the feeling that kid really doesn't like his sister...

Which one did you like better #1 or #2 please vote below in comments!

For more check out these funny babies or these odd animals!

Fun At The Beach

Ah it is that time of year again... Everybody heads out the the beach to have a good time and then this happens. Enjoy the face plants in the sand!

These people can't even walk... pretty sad, but it sure it fun to laugh when people that get paid to walk the runway end up like this!

Which one do you think is funnier? #1 or #2 be sure to leave your opinion in the comments below this post!

For more from The World's Funniest Videos check out a rare clip from Robin Williams or these cheerleaders gone wild!

Triumph The Comic Insult Dog At The Dog Show

One of the most successful characters on the Conan O'Brien show Triumph provides commentary on the Westminster Dog Show... rather fitting I must say!

This next clip is from one of Conan's earlier episodes... Conan introduces the next day's guest as Triumph complements him on his fine choices.

Which one do you think was funnier? Triumph at the Tony's or Triumph & Conan? Vote by commenting on this post!

For more from The World's Funniest Videos check out Triumph at the Tony's or learn the real explanation behind the NEW AT&T!

Dave Chappelle Vs. Jerry Seinfeld

Yet another in the stand-up battle here at The World's Funniest Videos... This time up it is the veteran Jerry Seinfeld Vs. the hilarious Dave Chappelle! Who would you vote for?

First up is a small part of a more recent act from Jerry Seinfeld... He explains to us the differences between men and women among other things!

Next up is Mr. Dave Chappelle! In his stand-up act he tells us exactly why he is afraid of the police...

Vote near the bottom of this page and don't forget to vote in our other battles Kevin James Vs. Stephen Wright and Dennis Leary Vs. George Carlin!

If stand-up isn't your thing check out why women and beer don't mix or Conan O'Brien on the Canadian border!

Ever Wonder Who Does That Movie Preview Voice?

Well, I have never heard of Pablo Francisco, but I have to give it to him he does a knock-up job on this impression... Very funny stuff!

I have to admit though there is nothing like the real thing! This next clip stars all of the famous voice-over performers including Don LaFontaine, John Leader, Al Chalk, Mark Elliot, and Nick Tate! I am sure you heard of at least one right? Well maybe not, but this is still pretty good...

Please vote by commenting below if you think one of these videos should be in the running to be the World's Funniest Video! For more videos check out Jerry Seinfeld In Oz or Chris Rock's view on racism.

Funny Commericals From Around The World

I am sure most of can relate to this first commercial... having to deal with a drunk is never a good time especially when you haven't had a drop of alcohol all night!

Another hilarious beer commercial this one is for IPA beer... never heard of it, but it must be good if it can come up with a spot like this one, hilarious!

Which one do you think is funnier? #1 or #2, feel free to vote by commenting on this post and let us know if this deserves to be one of The World's Funniest Videos!

For more funny vids check out the international word for funny or find out if this skit needs more cowbell!

The Simpsons - Lord Of The Boxes

With The Simpson's movie being released just yesterday now is a great time to look back on a couple funny moments from the past... The first one is a spoof on the Lord of the Rings, don't worry no UPS driver's were harmed in the making of this film!

This next clip is from the 24 version of The Simpsons... quite the devious plot I must admit. Even Jack Bauer gets involved in this episode!

You can't just leave it there so here is the conclusion...

For more from The Simpsons check out these classics or these pirate bloopers!

Will Ferrell In Good Cop Bad Cop

Another installment in the Pearl series, this one sadly is reportedly the last one... In this video Pearl plays a surprisingly effective "bad cop" and lays the smack down on a guilty Will Ferrell... enjoy!

These are some outtakes from the original post in the series... funny stuff!

Does this deserve to be one of The World's Funniest Videos? If so please leave a comment to show your support!

For more Will and Pearl check out the landlord skit or the battle between Kevin James Vs. Steven Wright!

More Funny Babies

What a cruel trick to play on a poor innocent baby, but it is pretty hilarious! This particular clip is a collection of the first time these babies taste lemons... set to a Beatles song!

This next clip is a bunch of funny baby faces... You be the judge, which clip is funnier? The first or the second vote in the comments section below this post!

For more funny babies check out these baby bloopers or this classic moment from the late show with Johnny Carson!

George Carlin Vs. Dennis Leary

Who will survive the battle? You be the judge! First up it is Dennis Leary's No Cure For Cancer... Watch out there is a bit of profanity in both acts and each are about an hour long so break out the popcorn!

Next it is arguable one of the best stand-up comedians of all time George Carlin. Both of them seem to have similar styles. The following is from the Life Is Worth Losing act...

The questions is which one would you vote for? George Carlin or Dennis Leary? Place your vote below this post...

For more stand-up battles check out Kevin James Vs. Steven Wright or watch the always funny Bill Cosby!

In Living Color Bloopers

From one of the best comedy shows of the 90's In Living Color these next videos... Some very famous comedians got there start on the show including Jim Carrey and the Wayne's brothers... Enjoy!

So what do you think was Saturday Night Live better or In Living Color? Vote below in the comments....

For more check out this classic from Fire Marshall Bill or these hilarious SNL skits!

Why Women And Beer Don't Mix

I am sure most of you have heard the saying women and beer don't mix... well here's proof! I just hope the poor kid that got crushed is alright!

The next clip has a couple repeats from the first, but it is well worth it. Please vote in the comments for which video you think is funnier!

For more from The World's Funniest Videos check out these funny baby bloopers or find out what causes the summertime blues!

Kevin James Vs. Steven Wright

Who would you choose? Which one is the better stand-up comedian? You be the judge...

Old School Steven Wright?


The sorta newbie Kevin James?

Vote below the post...

Conan O'Brien Is The Canadian Border Patrol

I don't know about you, but I feel safer knowing that our borders are being protected by Conan O'Brien. I have to say he could pass for a Canadian Mountie any day...

This next clip contains some very graphic material that may not be suitable for child... behold faces of death!

For more Conan O'Brien check out Dave Chapelle on Conan or watch these Star Trek bloopers!

Just For Laughs Is What They Claim

These poor people! What a great idea for a practical joke... no where to run!

This next one is a little cheesier, but still pretty darn funny! Try this one at your own risk! I don't know how many people would enjoy getting messed with like this...

This last one is my favorite... How can you not trust innocent old lady with a walker?

For more funny pranks check out this hilarious police prank or watch this classic moment from The Tonight Show!

Some Outrageous David Letterman Moments

This is what happens when you take acid on the Letterman show... not the best idea in the world! Crispin Glover from Back to the future was certainly in rare form on this Late Night episode...

Ironically enough this next clip doesn't even have David Letterman in it. He was so sick one night that he had to have Adam Sandler fill in for him! This is what transpired...

And of course I am sure most you you have heard of the next clip involving Drew Barrymore on David Letterman's birthday... He got a very special birthday present!

For more of the funniest videos check out Dave Chappelle and Wayne Brady in the hood or find out who has been writing George W. Bush's brilliant speeches.

Funny Tv Bloopers

From one of the best show to ever hit the television screen Seinfeld this is just a few of the bloopers from the 6th season of the show.

These next few bloopers are from The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air... yeah I'm a 90's child!

Finally from the long running show Friends these are some hilarious bloopers from the second season.

For more check out these Pirates Of The Caribbean bloopers or these hilarious celebrity look-a-likes!

Some Of The Funniest Dodgeball Moments

First your going to need a little background information on how the game of dodgeball is really played... This clip should explain everything!

Ben Stiller does a great job as the bad guy in this one, hilarious!

I bet you can't tell who wins... Chuck Norris Rules!

For more Ben Stiller check out Who Is The Real Tom Crooze or find out what the Walker Texas Ranger lever of destiny is!

Some Of The Best Baby Bloopers

Most people say too bad they all grow up... well this next clip shows the not so cute side of kids!

The first kids in this next clip is just hilarious! Caught red handed...

The grand daddy of all baby bloopers... I won't ruin it for you!

For more funny kids check out these hilarious home videos or check out Will Ferrell and Pearl!

The Very Best Of Ralph Wiggum

This next clip is from The Simpsons one of the funniest shows on television. "They taste like buring" Let's just say Ralph Wiggum is a very "special" boy...

For more from The Simpsons check out The Simpons going crazy or find out what causes the summertime blues!

So Many Cats, So Little Time!

First of all I just want to apologize to all the dog fans out there... It just so happens that there are a lot more cat videos out there on the net than dog videos. So come on step it up or you will be forced to watch clips like this all day!

You can view all of our cat videos here or check out the dog days of winter here!

In The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time

I am not sure who would be gullible enough to grab the camera in this next clip, but it sure does make for one hilarious video! The reactions are priceless and I am sure some of the outtakes were just plain nasty...

For more funny pranks check out The World's Funniest Pranks or the ever popular sexy dress prank!

Andy Dick As George W. Bush's Speech Writer

I knew there was something odd about the way that George W. Bush's speeches! "Every great president has a great speech writer" Hmmm this video is making more and more sense!

I am sure most of us have seen the crazy ? man on a late night infomercial... well this is a little twist on that provided by Mr. Andy Dick!

And finally as you may know Andy Dick can get a little out of control... well when he was on the Jimmy Kimmel show with Ivanka Trump things got just a bit crazy and he had to be literally dragged from the set. What a mad-man!

Comment if you think this is one of the funniest videos in the world. If you are looking for more check out when news people screw up bad or find out what is love?

Bill Cosby - Himself

Get ready for Bill Cosby's hilarious act from 1983. He is certainly up there on the list of all time comedic geniuses! I am sure you will get a kick out of this one...

Here is the second part of the act...

Good time to take an intermission, and then enjoy the third and final scene...

Thanks for all the laughs Bill : )

For more from The World's Funniest Videos check out who knew sleeping could be so funny or find out who the best Bush in America is!

Prince Vs. Charlie Murphy

A great skit from The Chappelle Show! Who really knew that Prince was so good at basketball? What else can I say beside Dave Chappelle is simply hilarious... enjoy!

Still don't believe me? Check out this next clip of Dave Chappelle on Late Night With Conan O'Brien. This is one of the funniest interviews Conan has ever done! Is it just me or is Conan a giant?

For more from Mr. Chappelle check out this skit with Wayne Brady or for Conan check out some of the best clips here!

Ain't No Cure For The Summertime Blues!

By the look of this lot of videos it would appears as if swimming is actually a full contact sport! Be careful everyone...

O man some of these hurt just watching them... I guess maybe I won't go water skiing this summer! Please vote by commenting if you think this deserves to be in the running for The World's Funniest Video!

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Pirates Of The Caribbean Bloopers

Sometimes movie bloopers can actually be funny believe it or not! These are all from the first movie I believe...

This one is all from The Dead Man's Chest movie in the series. Enjoy!

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This Not How You Want To Start Your Day

I think I would physically harm someone if they tried to pull a stunt like this! But hey it does make for one hilarious video...

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More Homemade Fun!

A collection of some of the funniest home videos ever caught on tape... I wonder how many of these left a mark?

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Another One For All The Cat Lovers!

I am not sure how people get so obsessed with their cats, but this might give you a little in site into their minds... I guess cats can actually be funny!

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The Best Of Conan O'Brien

Sure this wasn't released by NBC so it will probably eventually be pulled from youtube. So get it while it's hot, this clips are some of the best from the many years of Late Night With Conan O'Brien. It even has a bit of Mr. T in there for all of his adoring fans...

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Kids Are Just Too Funny!

You just can't help but laugh at these... too bad they all grow up one day and become little punks!

I guess dads can be pretty scary, but this is just too much! What a reaction...

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Not One Of Ken Jennings Finer Moments

I am not quite sure why they didn't accept this answer... I guess I don't know all of the meanings of a rake. Perhaps I am missing something!

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A Classic Moment From The Tonight Show

Starring Johnny Carson, Burt Reynolds, and Dom DeLuise this is one of the times that The Tonight Show got just a bit out of control. I have seen SNL make fun of this with Chris Farley as Don Deluise, but I have never actually seen the original clip until now... Enjoy one of the best moments in television!

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Who Is The Real Tom Crooze?

Ben Stiller does a great job as Tom Cruises stunt double. He even went as far as to change his name to Tom Crooze! So watch and find out what it is like to constantly be in the shadow of Mr. Cruise...

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Is There An International Word For Funny?

I thought I had seen it all until I ran across this clip from Germany. Who knew Germans find such stuff? This video includes some hilarious falls, soccer bloopers and yes even deer jumping though windows!

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Painfully Funny Videos

Words cannot describe how much this hurts to watch... This is quite the collection of clips!

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Will Ferrell And Pearl The Landlord

Will Ferrell deals with his belligerent landlord Pearl in this instant classic! My only question is who is playing the landlord, I don't think I have seen that little foul mouthed actress before anywhere else? Funny stuff...

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