Dave Chappelle And Wayne Brady

This is one of my favorite skits from The Chappelle Show... simply hilarious! Who knew Wayne Brady was so hardcore? I thought he was just a singer/actor from Who's Line Is It Anyways? The skit proves differently as black actors unite and go on a rampage!

Watch out there is a bit of profanity so don't say you weren't warned...

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You Gotta Love It When News People Screw Up

This is why people should us machines instead of their feet when smashing grapes to make wine... This is quite the spill, but don't worry she is ok, just got the wind knocked out of her is my guess.

The reporters at the end have couldn't be anymore fake with their concern... and here's Jim with the weather...

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I Hope This Ticket Was Darn Cheap!

Well I guess it could have been worse, this might have happened in the air or during the takeoff... I wonder if they retired the plane after this?

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Hilarious Celebrity Look Alikes

Some of these are just too funny... my favorite has to be the Miss Piggy one, although the NBA player that looks just Balkie is a pretty remarkable resemblance as well. What is your favorite?

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Funny Prank Videos

Courtesy of the great nation of Japan... enjoy these funny pranks, they really know how to be funny and just a bit crazy at the same time. My personal favorite has to be the exploding cig, hmmm I could use a few of those now that I think about it...

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Who Knew Sleeping Could Be So Funny

Another classic from the AFV show, this is for all you cat lovers out there! I am more of a dog man myself, but this is pretty darn funny...

And finally I can't help but post this one... the slow motion replay is priceless! Don't forget to try this on all your friends, and make sure to have the camera rolling...

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Conan O'Brien's Seinfeld Auditions

Some classic Conan O'Brien from just after Seinfeld went off the air... Funny stuff, what is the deal with these corn nuts anyways?

Bad impression of Jerry's voice, but still hilarious auditions for the most popular 90's show!

Something a little more recent, here is the lovely Scarlett Johansson in SNL's version of Regis and Kelly, who knows? Maybe SNL does have a little life left? They do a pretty good job in this skit...

And the final entry for this post from the best of Christopher Walken... enjoy! This guy is one of the best guests on SNL! And yes this clip does include the famous cow bell scene with Mr. Will Ferrell... an instant classic!

Vote for which video you think is the funniest...

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