Protect Insurance Companies Profits!!

The following is a public service announcement from Funny Or Die... Don't let Obama win and pass a Universal Health Care Bill... we can't let this happen... The insurance companies need to make huge profits to pay for the health care for their employees...

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Windows 7 Party Time!

I know Microsoft has been pulling out all the spots by trying to bribe people with their silly Bing, but I didn't know they were going quite this crazy with the whole Windows 7 release... I guess they are getting desperate at this point!

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Baby Dancing To Beyonce

Not a big fan of Beyonce myself, but this baby sure seems to dig her... I think Beyonce could learn a thing or two from this baby's mad moves!

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Getting Head In Bed

Don't worry it's not what you think... Get your mind out of the gutter people!!!

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Death Metal Puppy

The death metal... It's in his BLOOD!!!! Takes a REAL dog to be able to pull this off... Hurts my throat just listening to it!

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The Marshmallow Test

Can you resist the yummy goodness of a nice fluffy marshmallow? This experiment takes a few toddlers and puts them in a room alone with a marshmallow... What do u think happens?

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Cute Kid Rejects Baseball

I am not the biggest fan of Baseball, but this one was just too funny! Watch as this Philly fan makes a great catch and gives the ball to his daughter... Apparently she is not too impressed!

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Modern Day Funeral

These days people on the net always have some stupid comment to almost everything that hits the newsvine, but did you know that they have carried it as far as funerals?! A little uncalled for if you ask me...

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You Lie!!!!

I am sure by now most of you have seen the famous clip where the jackass from South Carolina interrupts the President of The Untied States, but did you know that this wasn't the first time congressman Joe Wilson has made this allegation... Just check out this video, Joe apparently gets around!

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Having A Baby? You Need To See This!

Whether you have had a baby in the past or are thinking about starting a family this video is designed specially for you. Who knew that have a pet could prepare you so well for having a baby?

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Animals Stealing

I can't say I blame em... I mean the food is right there for the taking! My favorite is the raccoon... sneaky little sucker!

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Gus Porter Ain't No Socialist!

This next video is dedicated to all those hardcore Americans that don't need no socialist medicine in dis dem der country! Gus Porter... A proud and truly REAL American! Death to universal health care!!!!

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Glenn Beck Has Cloned Himself

I don't know about you... but I can't live in an America with no cheese... That is just plain wrong! Sorry Mr. Glenn Beck, but I boycott you!

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Roll Over: A Lifetime Original Movie

Whether you are a die hard lifetime watcher or just happen to sit down while the wife/girlfriend is watching you will get a kick out of this next video from the folks at Funny Or Die... You know... the typical controlling man, this one is starring Cheryl Hines!

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