Rob Lowe Goes Crazy

Personally I haven't seen anything from Rob Lowe since The Stand... Is he even still acting? Watch out folks this one is NSFW...

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Funny Winter Fail Videos Compilation

Now that the holidays are over and winter seems to be never ending I think it is time to look back on all the fails of winters past... Always warms the heart...

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I Am Harry Potter With Daniel Radcliffe

Sometimes an actor gets so encompassed in a role that they actually become the role... This is very rare in Hollywood, but it does happen...

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Track And Field Disaster Dennis Rodman Style

Watch as this Dennis Rodman look alike lays out this poor girl... Vladimir Konstantinov would be proud...

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Funniest Video 2010

The votes are in and by a long shot the funniest video of 2010 is... Hot Chicks Pranked with 31% of the vote!  In 2nd place is Drunk Kitty Is Drunk with 24% of the vote.  3rd place went to Sniper Prank with 14% and 4th went to Wax On With Ralph Macchio.  Bringing up the rear was One Too Many Flips in 5th with 8% and The Presidential Reunion in 6th with 4%.  In dead last was Twitter Movie Trailer with only 3% of the vote. 

A big congrats to all the Hot Chicks that made this years funniest video possible... We will always be in your debt!  Bring on 2011!!!  Stay tuned for the funniest videos of 2011 we will be putting them up for voting shortly! 

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