The Votes Are In For The World's Funniest Video!

This time around the votes for the World's Funniest Video were much closer. In first place was Sexy Funny Commercials bringing in an impressive 28% of the vote. Next up was the Funniest DUI Stop Ever with 18% in second. In third place was Oprah Goes Crazy with 13% of the vote. In a close forth place was The Colonel With Mel Gibson with 12%. Fifth place went to Star Was According To A Kid with 10%. Rounding out the bottom were The Taco Bell Run with 9% and in last place Beware The Doghouse with only 7% of the vote.
The top four videos will stay in the running for the World's Funniest Video 2009 and we will add in three new videos to the mix. Those videos are, The Greatest Freakout, Mow The Lawn and We Didn't Start The Flame War! As always you can cast your vote on the side and stay tuned to see which one becomes The World's Funniest Video 2009!

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