The Home Stretch For The World's Funniest Video 2008

Well the polls are close for the 3rd quarter 2008 and the surprise victor is The Fruitcake Lady with 37% of the vote! In a distant second was Chris Farley Picking Up Chicks with 19%. Next up was the 2nd quarters champion World's Funniest Kids which this time around only managed 14% of the vote. In forth place was the ever present Jim Carrey As Rocky Balboa with 9%. Fifth place went to Stephen Colbert Vs. Rain with 8% of the votes. In sixth place was the Sumo Car Wash with 5% of the vote and rounding out the list was College Daze which only managed to get 4% of the vote!

As always here at The World's Funniest Video, the top four videos will go on to the next round and 3 new videos will be introduced to the running. Those videos are George Carlin A Comedic Genius, David Blaine On The Loose and Fact Checker With Bill Murray! Make sure to cast your vote for your favorite video and get ready for the big winner which will be announced on New Years!

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