How Chris Farley Picks Up Chicks

Tom Arnold and Chris Farley team up in this first video to give you all the tips you need to pick up chicks at the mall. Watch closely you may learn a thing or two!

This next one is another classic... This time it is from the skit "The Chris Farley Show". This time around Chris gets to interview the world famous Paul McCartney!

For more from the great late Chris Farley check out this post or well if you want to see Chris Farley naked just click here, but be warned this might be the funniest video you will ever see : )


Anonymous said...

Funny as hell! Chris Farley was the best!

Anonymous said...

When did this come out? I must have missed it! Chris Farley was the man : )

Bob Andelman said...

Losing a family member at the tender age of 33 is incredibly tough. It’s even more complicated when that young person lived his existence in a bigger-than-life way, like Chris Farley – and his trials and tribulations are witnessed by millions.

In his new book, The Chris Farley Show, Chris’s older brother, Tom Farley, Jr. – with help from co-author Tanner Colby - pieces together his late brother’s life in the form of an oral history with interviews from most everyone who encountered Chris. This includes family and friends from his youth, on through the “Saturday Night Live” family, and people from his hit movies, including Tommy Boy, Black Sheep, and Beverly Hills Ninja.

The book is an easy, breezy read, and was excerpted last month in Playboy.

You can LISTEN to the Mr. Media/ interview with Chris Farley's brother, Tom -- who is director of The Chris Farley Foundation -- by clicking HERE!