Quest For The World's Funniest Video Continues!

The votes for the 3rd quarter 2011 World's Funniest Video are in!  Here are the results!  In 1st place capturing a massive 42% of the vote is The Seal Who Killed Bin Laden.  In 2nd with 20% is Twin Baby Boys Conversation.  3rd place went to I Am Harry Potter with 12%.  4th to Watermelon To The Face with 7%.  In 5th place was The Force capturing 6% of the votes cast.  6th went to Streaker Fail with 5%, 7th to Barrel Roll Dog with 3% and rounding out the bottom with Cuddle Club only managing 1% of the vote! 

The top 4 videos will go on to the next round and we have 4 new challengers for this last and finally round of The World's Funniest Video 2011.  These include G-Male, Water Jet Pack Fail, Kenny Power The CEO and How To Stop Cats!

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