Votes For The World's Funniest Video 2010 Are In!

We are done tallying the votes for the World's Funniest Video 2010 3rd quarter and here are the results. In first place with 30% of the vote was Hot Chicks Pranked, can you blame em really? In second was Drunk Kitty Is Drunk with 24%. Third place went to Sniper Prank with 13%, while 4th place was The Presidential Reunion with 12%. Right behind them in 6th place was the Epic Mouse with 11% of the votes. Apparently not too many people cared for Shoes which only got 5% of the vote and came in 7th. Last place went to Forehead Tittaes with only 3% of the vote.

As always the top 4 videos continue on to the next round and we have three new video challengers, Wax On With Ralph Macchio, Twitter Movie Trailer or One Too Many Flips!

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