Lewis Black Vs. Bill Hicks

First like me give you an update on who won the last stand-up battle between Steven Wright and Mitch Hedberg! It was no real contest between these two funny comedians. Here are the results...

If you would like to vote on the battle you still can by going to the post and leaving a comment!

The next stand-up battle from The World's Funniest Videos will be between Bill Hicks and Lewis Black, two of the funniest guys out there! First up is Bill Hicks... This is the entire show from his HBO feature called Revelations from 1993. Enjoy this late great stand-up legend...

Time for Mr. Lewis Black... This is from a recent show called The Root Of All Evil! This first clip is Beer Vs. Weed!

Part 1

Part 2
Next up, Is Viagra the root of all evil?

Which one do you think was the funniest? Bill Hicks or Lewis Black? Cast your vote below... For all of our stand-up click here or check out Just For Laughs!

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