The New Nominees Are...

First up is a sure to be classic from just the other day... Conan O'Brien with a beard! Next up is The World's Funniest Kids, which is a simply hilarious collection of videos I am sure most of you will enjoy. Dave Chappelle thinks white people can dance is one of my favorites sure to get a good percentage of the vote... Have a look you won't be disappointed!

The next entry to become The World's Funniest Video is a collection of clips from In Living Color, some of you from my generation should remember this popular shot from the 90s. The final new entry is the best of Jay Leno!

Since it is a new year we will only be keeping two of the top entries from last year. Those are Kids In The Hall and Jim Carey As Rocky! With The Landlord Pearl taking top spot last year, it will be interesting to see which one comes out on top this year!

Cast your vote today!

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