The Award For The World's Funniest Video Goes To

For a second month straight The Landlord Pearl ellipses the competition with an amazing 62% of the vote to once again become The World's Funniest Video. All of the other contenders were not even close with 2nd place going to Jim Carey As Rocky with only 8%, Dave Chappelle and Wayne Brady and The Sexy Dress Prank tied for 3rd getting 7% of the votes each.

In fifth place is the Will Ferrell skit Good Cop Bad Cop with 6% of the votes. In sixth place is The Best of Chris Farley with only 5% and in last place is The Coffee Test with a pathetic 2% of the vote.

Normally the top three videos would go on to the next round, but since there is a tie we have decided to keep the top four in the running to become The World's Funniest Video. Three new videos will be added to the list and those are David Letterman Working, Phil Hartman's Best and Robin Williams stand-up!

So what are you waiting for cast your vote today! Just look to the sidebar for details...

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