Will Ferrell In Good Cop Bad Cop

Another installment in the Pearl series, this one sadly is reportedly the last one... In this video Pearl plays a surprisingly effective "bad cop" and lays the smack down on a guilty Will Ferrell... enjoy!

These are some outtakes from the original post in the series... funny stuff!

Does this deserve to be one of The World's Funniest Videos? If so please leave a comment to show your support!

For more Will and Pearl check out the landlord skit or the battle between Kevin James Vs. Steven Wright!


Anonymous said...

Will Ferrell is the best comedian out there! It looks like he is pulling away on the pole to the right as well... I would have to say this one deserves to be in the top 7 as well!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't disagree more! Will Ferrell is a has been that always plays the same stupid character... Thumbs Down!

Anonymous said...

Those outtake were hilarious! Who is that little girl? She is sooo cute!

Jared said...

that little girl is will's daughter pearl.