The Funniest Video Votes Are In!

The votes for the funniest video of 2009 are in! In 1st place is The Funniest DUI Stop Ever with 32% of the vote. 2nd place goes to Beware Of The Doghouse with 20% of the vote. This time around 3rd place went to Oprah Goes Crazy with 14% of the vote tallied. 4th place was Star Wars According To A Kid with 8% of the vote. In 5th place by just one vote was Will Ferrell Endorsing McCain. Rounding out the bottom was Effect of Beer On Men in 7th and in last Matrix Running On XP.

The top 4 videos will remain in the running to become the funniest video of 2009 and we will introduce 3 new videos to the mix. Those are The Colonel With Mel Gibson, The Taco Bell Run and Sexy Funny Commercials! Be sure to cast your vote today... Just look to the sidebar!

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Anonymous said...

I hope these aren't supposed to be videos shot in 2009, because some of them are really quite old, still funny, but old.